Football Observations

A training camp preview in the paper Friday, but a couple things I wanted to say based on what I've seen.

1) Well, I was half right about JoJo. He wasn't gone from the program nearly as quickly as many thought, and I actually had reason to think he could still be back with the team. I can say that he's just transferring, he wasn't kicked off the team and he didn't flunk out.

2) Like the Jo Jo stuff, this isn't a quote from anyone, this is just my own personal observation: Mac very much wants to give the job to Aubrey. Again, he didn't tell me that, but judging by how this has played out over the last several months and what he has said, I just have the sense that the job is Aubrey's to lose.
Also, I didn't go into it too much because it won't be too big a factor this year, but Mac seems to LOVE Steve Smith.

3) Get ready to run. This might not please some fans, but I think you'll see Central run the ball a lot this year. The stated goal is 65-35 run, which means in a 10 play drive, you're probably looking at 7 rushes and three passes. I'm a ball-control kind of guy myself, so I don't mind provided the line meshes, but we'll see how the fans react if they find the offense "boring."

Your first update

Not much actually NEW to report from basketball, but while I was at his summer school for the cute little kids yesterday, coach Dickenman also gave me a summer progress report.
I have a couple comments on the incoming recruits, some thoughts on those who left, and the why on the recruit that wasn't.
Like I said, it's not any news you didn't know, but it's some details and some closure.

Two quickies

1) Big thanks to Noel Pinero for his help with the story tonight. I hope to have more on Javy in coming days.

2) Yes, the U.S. team lost in 88, which was half the reason the Dream Team was assembled in the first place. I know that, just missed it when I was editing my story. Bad job by me.