Quick apology to Bryant University

I'm breaking the habit of calling them Bryant College. So if I did that this week, I'm sorry. By 2012 I'll have it right.

Thoughts on Game 1

Yuck and whew. Special teams saved the day on this one.

Where to start? Ok, the part everyone always asks me about first. I wouldn't be surprised to see both QBs play again Saturday. I think Mac found himself in a dogfight he wasn't expecting and had to ditch the experiment plans to try and win the game, so he went with what he knew.

And, at the risk of sounding like I'm rooting, I thought Aubrey was OK. Three years of knowing Mac leads me to believe you'll never see a true spread offense at CCSU (sorry Hud), so I'm not even sure anymore that the QB is that big a deal. However, I will say that Hunter shouldn't be beaten up based on his numbers. He played one real series, and everyone in the building (including the Bryant defense) knew he was in to pass the ball, so it's hard to judge him on one game.

My biggest concern isn't the QB, it's the offensive line. Mac entered the game with a ton of faith in them, and they did a good job run blocking. But to let the QB go down 4 times just doesn't cut it.

The defense has to improve. That type of performance (I don't question their effort) will lead to 70 points for NDSU on Saturday.

My biggest concern is the big mistakes. You can't get that penalty before the half, and I don't think I've ever seen a high school team punt without a punter. I don't know whose fault that one was, but it seems to me that there should be someone in charge of checking that everyone's ready.

Still I see some positives. Mallory was outstanding and the team showed some spunk by rallying. Maybe this was the gut-check they needed to put the odd training camp behind them and band together.

If I'm Mac, I walk in Monday morning, show the Georgia Southern film, then say (insert name here) is the quarterback, everyone is going to play, we're all going to pitch in and we're going to win.

But as I always say, I'm not a coach.

Uh oh

Wild first half, and not in many of the ways Central would have wanted.

Punt return and punt block teams look strong, and Aubrey's been ok. I don't think you'll see much of Hunter in the second half, it seems like Mac is going with whomever he deems the hot hand. But, considering the whole 2 and 2 format didn't happen, who knows. I can't even venture a guess at this point.

Line has been ok in terms of run blocking, but has allowed too much pressure on the QBs.

Defense? Well, we're only 30 minutes into the season. I wouldn't panic yet. But the penalty at the end of the half was horrible.
We'll see if it ends up being costly.

Ok,since it's on the net now


I'm assuming most won't see this until the morning, when I was told would be the latest the players would know the deal for today.

The link to the season preview is above. The plan as I know it is Aubrey will play the first 2 series, Hunter the next 2, and then Mac will play it by ear. They honestly didn't decide until the end of the week. We'll find out what that means going forward. I wouldn't be surprised to see the rotation system go for another game or two, unless someone REALLY plays well today.

The answer is coming

Ok, had a long meeting last night to prep for the season preview which will be in Saturday morning's paper.

Remember how when we first started the blog I said there were times I'd know things but couldn't tell you?

This is (partly) one of those times, because technically the game plan is done. I won't make you wait until the game starts, but I can't tell you who the QB is just yet. At the VERY latest, it will be in Saturday morning's paper so you can take it to the field with you.

And no, this isn't a shameless plug to make you buy the paper. If I get the ok to say it tonight, I will blog it, but you WILL know before the game starts the plan at QB, at least as best as I know it.

Well I'm on record now

Taped a show for West Hartford Public access with a nice guy named Michael Gualtieri about local college football last night, and he asked for a prediction. I went with seven wins for the Devils this year. It was a gut, blurted out pick, but I think those are the best kind. I've been on fire with picks lately, so we'll see if that continues.

Big thanks to Mike and to Desmond Conner of the Courant, who guided me through the TV thing. Radio I can do, TV is a little dicey. Football preview coming, as is a volleyball one. Men's soccer doesn't start until next week, so we'll wait on them.

How about those Lady Blue Devils? Still can't get over that win. This is a very capable group. If it can find offense, it will be good.

A bit of breaking news

CCSU women's soccer just beat UConn, 2-1. The first time they beat the Huskies, and probably one of the few wins over UConn in any sport for the school.
Big story coming in Tuesday's paper.

No word yet

Just wanted you to know I didn't forget about the QB. Friday came and gone, no word yet. I'll let you know when I get it.

Oh, Hud can't we get along?

Let me preface this by saying for the millionth time that I'm not rooting for one QB or the other. Quite frankly, I get paid either way, and the only reason I keep writing about it is because you guys are interested in it and I'm here to serve you. So I try and get you updates. Don't blame the messenger for the results of those updates. All I can do is ask the questions and give you the answers I'm given and try to interpret them.

In fact, I pointed out the negatives in waiting this long to make the decision (I told him what I've told you guys, that I think he'd have been better off picking one and going with it.) It doesn't do anyone any good to learn two drastically different offenses. And I used the quotes where Mac was critical of himself. That's hardly "kissing" him.

My point about Aubrey's experience was that he has started in this offense and played games at this level. Which is true. You could argue that I could have used a different term than "dual threat," (and you'd be right, I wish I had worded that better) but when Aubrey rolls out he can run or throw. Also true. None of that is opinion. How well he does it, I'll leave up to you to judge.

I wrote that Hunter is thought of to be the more accurate passer because that's what I've heard from some folks in the program. I haven't seen him enough to make my own determination. That's another reason I'm not saying who SHOULD start. I'm just telling you who I think he'll pick based on what I'm hearing.

As I've said, the vibes I'm getting tell me that Mac wants to pick Aubrey. That's my observation. Has nothing to do with my opinion. He might not. It could be that he's been waiting to name Aubrey the starter and can't because he hasn't earned it. It could be that he's had Hunter picked out the entire offseason and just did all this to keep Aubrey working hard by not naming a QB. Or maybe he'll pull a name out of a hat today.

All I know is, one way or the other, I'll tell you as soon as I know who the QB is. I expect it to be today. If it's the guy you're rooting for, wonderful. If it's not, don't shoot the messenger.

But remember two things 1) I'm just telling you what I know and observe, nothing else. I've been wrong before about things I have a much better grasp on than this. 2) I don't pick the winner, so don't yell at me one way or the other.

Your women's soccer preview

Season starts tonight at UHa. The Devils should be good.


Rooting for no one

Just a couple of thoughts on the QB thing.

1) I'm not rooting for anyone. Hunter has been a great kid the couple times I've worked with him, and I haven't seen him play enough to have a handle on who SHOULD be the starter. I'm not rooting for either one, nor am I qualified to make the decision.

2) When I've told you I think Mac is going to pick Aubrey, I've meant it, but based on what he's told me and what I know of Mac. It's not that I HOPE he picks either guy. My job is to report to you my observations. And from what I observe, I think he wants very much to give Aubrey the job. Remember, I'm trying to take you inside MAC'S mind, not mine. When it comes to basketball, where I'm better qualified to give you my opinion, I'll chime in occasionally. But for now, I'm just trying to give you the view from inside the halls of the athletic building as best as I can read it.

3) Big Blue -- I wouldn't be so sure that the announcement will really come Friday. That's what Mac said so that's what I wrote, but he's moved the target date back several times now. Could be a gametime decision at this point.

QB update

It's the 20th, but there's still no QB. End of the week is the new timetable. Here's a quick story that will be in the paper in a day or so.

Sports Editor
NEW BRITAIN -- The decision is coming soon. It has to. The season is, too.
Central Connecticut football coach Jeff McInerney wasn’t ready to name a quarterback on Wednesday afternoon, but expects to make a decision this week, probably on Friday.
“We haven’t made the decision yet, that’s the honest answer,” McInerney said. “We have to figure out who and what we are.”
McInerney was referring to the two different styles of offense his quarterbacks are best suited to handle. Aubrey Norris a junior with loads of experience in his corner, has speed and agility to go with a big frame that makes him a dual threat, especially outside the pocket. Junior college transfer Hunter Wanket is more of a traditional passer, and was thought of as the more accurate passer when he arrived in New Britain.
But neither has stood out enough to win the job yet.
“We have to let it play out, but I’m in the process of narrowing it down,” McInerney said. “To be honest, right now I’m not prepared [to name a starter.] I just have to make a call. It’s a big decision. You have to handle it right.”
The decision has to come soon so his team can handle it as well.
“I think it has affected our play, I think it’s affected our consistency,” McInerney said of the mixing of the two quarterbacks in practice. "There’s no panic in me. I just want to do the right thing.”
McInerney has seen his team practice and scrimmage now, but hasn’t yet seen an offensive style emerge, never mind a quarterback.
“I’m a little bit frustrated because I can’t see the picture,” he said. “If I can’t see the picture, I don’t want to make a rash decision.”
McInerney said he has ruled out using two quarterbacks. something he had mentioned was a possibility last week.
“I’m convinced you have to have one quarterback,” he said. “As time goes on, I regret not just naming one (coming into training camp). Each one does something different, so you try and put things into the offense for each one.”
While the total offensive system isn’t in place yet, McInerney isn’t concerned that it will be a problem in the long term.
“There’s still time. We haven’t even played a game,” he said. “My job is to take the ‘what if’s and make sure they don’t become ‘if only’s.”

A couple updates

1) I haven't forgotten the fields story, just not having much luck getting info. Working on it.

2) Nothing groundbreaking, but a little look at how some other folks are seeing the NEC football conference with the bid coming et. al:

3) Some of you are starting to believe me about Aubrey. Heaven knows Mac has changed his mind after leading me one way before, but I really think he's going to go with Aubrey, if not both QBs.

4) The one thing I don't' get that Mac gets ripped for is local talent. There's a lot of it around these parts, especially at the level Central plays at. It's an untapped market. More important, it's the best way to get publicity for the program. Right now, that's what Central needs. Get some buzz going, get the program out there. Then go out and up from there.