As you guys know, I've often prided myself on giving you the best coverage of CCSU athletics you can find anywhere. That's NOT what's changing.

But now, there's going to be even more coverage. I can't tell you all the details yet, but it's going to be a rather extensive endeavor. For it to work, we need you guys to support it. So I'll make my usual request: I'll do all the running around I usually do for you guys and write my fingers off, and you agree to read and click on all of it. Deal? Deal.


  1. Sounds like a good deal!

  2. One thing you can count on is a CCSU Fan to have an opinopn and comment on it... :)

  3. lets do it....thirsty for some ccsu fb info. PLEASE!@!@! sick of reading the courant and uconn everything. CCSU has 3 cons conf champs. LEts cover em (you do a great job, im just itching for coll fb.)