You've hit upon my favorite subjects

Ah some good uniform talk.
First a couple things to watch out for... I'll have a couple of features next week if all goes well.
But for now, the unis!
First off, I love the baseball uniforms, the blue ones are my favorite at Central. Gorgeous. Wish I had one.
I also love the hats. Personally, I think CCSU should push the "CC" logo more. In fact I'd like to see a big CC at half court for hoops going diagonally.
Or, at the very least, I BEG you guys at CCSU, PLEASE PLEASE turn the Devil around to face the hard camera! PLEASE! I know some people like it so it faces the fans coming in, but you can hardly see it from the front doors and it just doesn't look right on TV. And that' where your exposure should be focused. The fans in the building are already there, you have to have it look good on TV.
Anyway, back to uniforms. I like the CC on the football helmets, and I kind of like the black trim. Usually I'm anti putting colors that aren't school colors on unis, but a bit of black trim works. It looks good on the lax shirts too. Just no black alts, please. I believe baseball has a touch of black trim on the whites, which works nicely.
The new women's unis from last year or so are ok, a little high schoolish for my taste. I'm not into garish, but those are a little simple. For the men, I'd like to fix that stripe on the shorts, make it line up, but I do agree that they should say "Central Connecticut".
That's too long for a baseball shirt, so maybe CCSU is better, but I love the way "Central" looks on the blues, so I'd keep them.
And I don't see the men going to a System of Dress (the Nike tight uni you guys were talking about), but maybe one of the thicker cuts. Though UConn is doing that, so the Devils should be different.
What are your guys favorite unis, and should CCSU have alts (if affordable)? Should they be in school colors, or do you guys want black or grey ones?