Catching up

I apologize for not doing much on here of late, I've been running around like crazy with high school tournament stuff (thought not as much as Ryan), as well as following the baseball team around. Hope you all enjoyed the stuff from NJ and so far from Norwich, where I am now.
Gonna watch the game here in a second, but wanted to say hi from the box up here. This place is really nice... not New Britain Stadium, but a fun place to watch a game. Only objection is how far away the stadium is from the exit.
Staff here has been great and so far things have been well run. We'll see what happens if CC wins today and we get rain tommorrow.
One tidbit to pass along that probably doesn't make the story, which is why I like having this thing. Central is the home team today, but chose to wear its blue uniforms since the players feel confident in them. (They won the 3 elimination games in them last week and played well for 7 innings yesterday in blue).
I'll try and check in throughout the next week or so. My sit down with Paul got pushed back because of the baseball team's run, but I just saw him downstairs and we plan on rescheduling. So send me any questions you want asked to

Couple things

1) Don't forget we have tons of baseball stuff in the apper and I'll be in Norwich to cover the games, should be fun.
2) Yes, Victor is leaving, he got another job outside the coaching world. Was planning on writing something about it and just haven't had time lately with high school and now the baseball team. We'll do something on him this summer, I promise.
Last I checked the Miller thing was nowhere near a done deal. I'll ask again next chance I get.