2 quick responses

Been running around like crazy doing high schools this week, but I will have a cap to the baseball season soon, I promise.

In the meantime, two quick responses.

X-Man: Remember when we first started this blog and I said there will be times when I know things, but I can't say them? Usually that's because I don't have them on the record yet. If I just blab everything I hear, then I won't be able to get info from those sources later on.
That's the case with the football thing. I didn't mean it to be a tease, maybe I shouldn't have said anything. The point was I wanted you guys to know I was working on something. Hopefully I'll have an update soon.

2) Blue: Our office has two people in it these days, so I'm running around doing a lot of non-CCSU stuff. After the high school tournaments, I'll get back on the fields thing.

Football stuff

Back from AC, and I'll have some baseball thoughts, but I wanted to touch on the football real quick.

I'd love to tell you a definitive decision has been made on the new quarterback, but it hasn't been. My job is to update you. That's what I tried to do. I can't make up the stories. Don't blame the messenger.

The update to the story (and why I wrote it) is the decision won't come until late-summer. When you see periods of time with no updates, it's because there's nothing new to report. I only wrote this one with very little news because the timeline was pushed back significantly on a decision. I try not to bore you guys with stories about nothing having changed, which is why there isn't always much to say.

I will say this though. I get the vibe that the QB battle was/is much, much closer than some of my Central blogging friends might think it is.

Another football note: Not meant to be a tease, just a mini-update. There's one bit of football rumor floating around the net that, by every account I can get from those in the know, is untrue, but I can't confirm it well enough to write it yet. Hopefully soon.

Plan for tonight's game 2

If the nightcap runs past the Herald's deadline, we'll try and get a story up on the web site. Go to www.newbritainherald.com, click on sports, and if I do it right (or if the game ends in time for Ryan to do it from the office) there will be a story there. We're looking at about a 7:30 p.m. for Central's game tonight go time if things stay on schedule.

Greetings from Atlantic City

Sorry I didn't update this sooner, the net connection wasn't the best last night. Central was solid yesterday, getting the job done in a game Charlie correctly described as "not pretty but (getting) done."

Today just wasn't pretty. Up 9-2, the Blue Devils were six outs from the driver's seat, which would have meant one win tomorrow with two pitchers let to get it.

Now the Devils need a win tonight simply to get the chance to try and win two. Perhaps no non-elimination game in any sport Central plays changes the course of a season like the first game of Friday at the baseball tournament. Amazing stuff.

My guess is Taylor gets the ball tonight (my gut says he does well, I've seen him since high school and know he has the makeup for this) with Ken Kerski and Derek Roberts up first tomorrow (if CCSU is there). Then it gets interesting, as Mr. Tesseyman or the rubber-armed Matt Gianini could very well be asked to pull off one of those seemingly annual no-rest efforts.

Sounds like there was a good turnout at the Alumni's barbecue today. I didn't get to make it up there until after the game was over, but i heard all went well. I can confirm that the hot dogs were good.

I'll post again very late tonight with thoughts on tomorrow or the end of the year, whichever comes first.

2 quickies

1) My friend and colleague Ken Lipshez found Barry Hertzler, he's playing with the Bridgeport Bluefish.

2) Blue: I was referencing a post on May 1 on here about the fields. You're not the only one surprised about the progress over there, but I also tried to point out that I am far from an expert on construction and don't know just how much has to be done by now for things to be on schedule. I'll keep on some people at CCSU and get updates periodically.


What kind of things do you want me to blog about from AC?
In general?

My favorite good-bye

So, I actually said these words to Charlie Hickey today:

"Ok sir, I'll see you in Atlantic City."

Not that I'm excited or anything. And I mean strictly about the baseball, of course!

Seriously, the Blue Devils are rolling right now, and it's all because of their pitching, which has been tremendous. I'll have more in a notebook in the paper on the Blue Devils, who are a major threat to win the whole thing in my humble opinion.

Blue: No problem on the answers, that's what I'm here for.

By the way my friends, I haven't been ignoring the whole recruiting situation with the basketball team or the roster moves. What I like to do is wait until everything is settled, then bother coach Dickenman once about everything. It's much easier on him than me calling him every time something comes up in the weeks after the season. Not that he ever fails to call me back, but the staff has better things to do this time of year than worry about finding time to call me back. So I'll talk to him about everything for kind of a summer report in the weeks ahead. I'll be seeing him for his camp, so somewhere in that time frame I'll get answers to many, if not all, of those questions.

In the meantime, keep the questions coming. Give me something to sink my teeth into. I checked into the fields deal, and I think you got a good sense of the tone of things there if you read it closely. I have some football stuff coming I believe this week. What else? Who wants to talk some baseball?

Answers, as best I can give them

Ok, first off, I just went back and reread my post from yesterday and realized I had combined two topics.
But in general, my point was that the loss of a recruit or two isn't huge. Would a prized recruit help the program? Of course, I didn't mean to imply that getting more players is ever a bad thing. But the team should be pretty darn good next year if everyone continues to develop and there's no sophomore slump.

Now, as to the request for some thoughts:

Just going on what Central already has, here's what I think of the guards: If Washington can improve to join the rotation at least as a fourth guard, I think the backcourt is fine. I'm the driver of the Shemik Thompson bandwagon, so I think he'll grow into the PG role if he gets it. Joe and Hall will help take some shooting burden off of him, which might let him focus more on being the PG if that's the direction CCSU ends up going. Do I know if Jermaine is a starter someday? No, but I'm not ready to write him off, either. Will he get a shot? With Howie, everyone gets a shot. You have to earn your time. Do I think Washington can help? Yes.

You also have to remember that several of these guys were freshmen a year ago, so they should continue to improve in the next year or two.

I don't think I'm giving away any secrets by saying Tamir struggled at times last year, but he also had some good games. He'll have to raise his level with what could be a crowded frontcourt next year to see a lot of time. If Marcus plays like he did the second half of the season, I love Horton, Palmer, Simmons up front with Tamir and Baskerville giving depth. I wouldn't say I expect "incredible" things from Baskerville, but I did really like him in high school and I think he can play at this level. We'll see what kind of talent scout I am.

Call me a homer again, but...

Just a quick word on the thing today, which we had mentioned I believe in the fall. Actually, about the affects of the future. It was just a couple of months ago that we were talking about how loaded the Devils were for the next couple of years. One recruit doesn't change that.
Baskerville, Simmons, Palmer and Horton aren't a bad frontcourt. Shemik is becoming a leader, and I think he'll be fine in the backcourt. Joe isn't Tristan, he'd be the first to tell you that. But that collection of talent, without even any contributions from the freshmen who do come, will be impressive.

I bet you're all glad I was wrong on this one

Howie Dickenman, who occasionally likes to remind me of my inability to correctly predict baseball series correctly, once thanked me for not picking Central to win the NEC.
Maybe when I see him this weekend, Charlie Hickey will do the same thing.
Just a week or so after I wrote about Central being basically eliminated from the NEC race, the Blue Devils have stormed back to pull within two games of first place heading into a big homestand this weekend.
The pitching continues to be Central's anchor, with Berlin's Taylor Kosakowski now joining the fold with just two runs in his last (nearly) 21 innings. Central's rotation is solid, but when Atlantic City comes, it will be guys like Kosakowski who will need to step up, especially closer to Saturday. Names like Kosakowski, Chachko and White will be just as important as names like Gianini and Roberts.

But just to be safe, I'll pick Monmouth. You can thank me later.

Out here in the fields...

Ok, sorry, that was your Pearl Jam reference of the day (yes, I know it's a cover).

Anyway, talked to someone in the know, and the fields project isn't (yet) behind schedule. I mentioned my surprise since it doesn't appear that a lot has been done, but there's no update with any bad news that had been given to CCSU according to my friend.. I'll keep on it and let you know if anything changes.