Just to catch up

I'm going to have a story on the QB battle from spring in Tuesday's paper. Aubrey played well enough to make it hard for coach Mac to give Hunter the job, judging by what Mac said after. He's been telling me since last year ended that he VERY much wants to have one QB this year, and that's the system I prefer, but I'm not a coach.

I'll put a call in about the fields since you guys are asking. Important win mentally speaking for the baseball team today. In a one-game deal, I think Central can hang with the Hawks in AC next month.

What else is on your mind?

Spring game

Lots of thoughts in the paper, not much more to add here. The biggest thing I got out of the game and from talking to coach Mac formally and others less formally, is that CCSU really is committed to throwing this year. They say it a lot, but this time they seem ready to do it. (They being the coaches).

Going to be a couple of weeks before coach Mac names a leader in the QB race, (I don't think he'll name a true starter until camp) but I was impressed with Hunter's moxie. He looks and acts like a guy who can take over the team. However, Aubrey looked as good as he ever has, and should be a part of the offense. Could we be heading down a 2-QB road again? Wouldn't surprise me, and I don't think it'd be a bad thing.

Marino will be back long before training camp, which is good news, and Ernie will be ready to go when things really matter as well. Good news for the defense, which still seems to need to come together. I'm not going to pass judgement on it now since the new coaches need time and there are injuries, but there's work left to be done on that side of the ball.

So, as of today, Central is passing well, is ok but not spectacular in the running game, and working on finding the way on D. It's not 2006 anymore, is it?

Hall of Fame evening

Just wanted to give a quick plug to the Hall of Fame dinner tonight. Was well done, well run, and all the speeches were entertaining and short. Tula's was particularly emotional, and gave a different feel to the night. Was a fun night, I'll have a feature on it this weekend.

My day was spent watching football, covering a fun night at the Farmington Club, and eating prime rib. Have I mentioned that I have a good gig?

Quick reply

Hud bud:

I don't read every post on the fans board, but I do see lots of your fb stuff, I think we agree on lots of things, and I respect your opinions on the team quite a bit. However, all the info I got for the spring came from an hour meeting with coach the other day and my general knowledge of the team.

Don't take this personally, but I can't use any info or toughts from posters on the board as reliable. Not that I don't think you guys are, there are times where you guys are proven right and I'm wrong, but I have to go by what more official (for lack of a better word) folks tell me.

Big news of the day

Just got it confirmed that starting in 2010 the NEC will have an auto bid to the FCS football playoffs. More on this as I get it.

Leadup to spring

First, as I promised someone this week, a plug for the CCSU HOF dinner Friday night at the Farmington Club. It's a good class this year, and it's usually a good night for fans of Central's history.

Going to have a big preview in the paper Friday morning before the game, but wanted to give you a few things to watch for.

1) Coach Mac seems committed to throwing this year. Yes, I know he says it every year, but this time he seems to have confidence in both his QBs and WR's. Also, he's talking about throwing to the tight ends more. I'm still not sold that the Texas Tech offense is really coming, but I am curious to see the new arms and a confident, healthy Aubrey. Mac is pretty high on Hunter, but it's close enough that I could see one of the two having a big game and turning into the favorite come camp.

2) Running back depth: We'll have to see where it comes from.

3) O-Line: Seems ok with the exception of center, where replacing Mr. Nutt is proving tough.

4) D: We'll see how the additions to the coaching staff help. I don't think you'll see too much of a style change, and there might be too many injuries Friday (no Ernie) to tell how ready it is. We might have to wait until August.

The blogging fool is back

Hello Blue Devil Nation. Did you miss me?

No X-Man, I have not abandoned my blog by any means. I had planned to take a quick break to recharge the batteries after doing a ton of high school stuff, and next thing I knew it was the middle of April. There's not a ton to talk about, but we'll try and get this thing restarted if you guys are still interested.

Touched on a bunch of baseball stuff in the paper over the last two weeks, hope you guys have been reading. But here's some short thoughts:

1) Love the pitching. Central has two or 3 kids I wouldn't be afraid to throw in a big spot, and that's just as starers. If a couple of the younger guys fill in, the Devils could be in good shape for an NEC run.

2) The order is kind of fun to watch because of its different parts. The top of the lineup does its thing, then come the big bats (which go further down the order than a lot of teams), and the bottom is a scrappy group.

3) Youth is all over the place on this roster. That's good news for the future, but it means some untested guys are going to have to make big contributions right away. This weekend is a big series, it'd be nice to stay near the top as we get about halfway home.

4) Get out to Beehive. The place has been redone to a large extent, and it's not bad. Certainly better seating accommodations than at the old field.

As for football:

Had some notes on the spring objectives in the paper when the sessions started, and have a few other notes stored away in the computer. The main thing Central hopes to do get a leader in the QB race heading into training camp. Mac seems intent on avoiding any semblance of a QB controversy, and my instinct says he already has one in mind.
My theory, and this is just my observations and nothing from the staff, is that part of the reason the Devils have run so much in the last couple of years is that they haven't had a ton of confidence in the QBs. Handing the reigns to a single offensive leader could help alleviate that issue, but I think those looking for Central to implement the Run N' Shoot will be disappointed next week to some extent.

One thing I did speak to Coach Mac about recently was the defense. He wasn't happy with it last year, and he's looking to turn things around. I think you're going to see a revamped group this year, with some tweaks in how they run it.

But I'll have a story on those soon with an update, then more as we head into the leadup for the spring game.

Hoops: The recruiting stuff tends to be formalized and announced all at once at the end for various reasons. I don't think the roster for the men will turn over as much as a lot of people seem to think. I'm going to put the over/under for transfers at 1.5. And we know most of the recruits already. I've even done a story on them already, so they're out there.

That's it for now, just the foundation for things we'll be talking about between now and June. Then comes the real down time. I might even try and take my first real vacation in two years this time.