Just got off the phone with CCSU football coach Jeff McInerney, and have some scoops for you.
First, while Gunnar Jespersen will start at QB, you will see some of freshman Jordan Jones, particularly for formations McInerney said were "sort of like the wildcat."
"If it weren't for his hand, he'd be out there every play," McInerney said of Jespersen.
It won't be a lot of plays, but it's something to watch for Saturday.

Also, expect to see more from the younger running backs and less of the vets as McInerney looks to get something going. More importantly, expect to see more runs, regardless of who they come from. McInerney wants to get the number of passes down from the 30s back to the teens.


I haven't forgotten you my loyal bloggers, just had my meeting with Coach Mac delayed until Friday because of scheduling conflicts.
I'll give you a preview for my prediction though. CCSU is going to be cranky, motivated, and playing an inferior team.


So my plan was to do these Mondays, since Sundays don't seem to work for anyone, but then I remembered that Mondays don't work well for me. So while I work out some kinks in the blog schedule, let's talk for a couple of minutes about the Monmouth game.

First, I liked the anger the kids showed after it was over. It wasn't "we tried hard and on this day the better team won," or some other cliche. The Blue Devils were ticked off, as though they felt they weren't supposed to lose to anyone. And it wasn't a whiny, spoiled, John Lackey style "I deserve better" mentality. It was a "dang it we're good, we should have played better," type of anger. That's the kind that can motivate. We'll see if it inspires CCSU the rest of the year. Gunnar Jespersen's postgame comments weren't exactly Tim Tebow's speech, but he seems like the type that can fire up a team.

The offense was spotty, as it has been all year. When needed, it launched a bit of a comeback, and yes Central would have likely ended up with a chance to tie had Brian Fowler not cramped up (though I'm not as optimistic about their chances as coach Jeff McInerney was after the game). But whether it's spotty O-line play or Jespersen moving around too much, Central always seems one play away from having its quarterback injured, which is a scary way to operate. It would be more forgivable if it were scoring points, but that hasn't come consistently enough, either. You can't ask this offense to come through every week.
I remain pleasantly surprised by the receivers and optimistic that the running game can be sorted out. But if Central doesn't keep Jespersen on his feet, none of that matters.

I'm torn on the defense. I want to rip it for the first half, in which it fell behind 17-0. Monmouth had 20 plays in the first quarter for Pete's sake. But this is the same group that kept the game close after that. BUT it's the same group which couldn't hold the fort long enough when Central was rallying. All in all a mixed bag, though McInerney is right, Central has to get something resembling a pass rush of its own soon.

What did you think?  


Monmouth freshman Patrick Gray picked off Gunnar Jespersen with 1:12 left to seal it. Central falls.
The NEC race is not over, but the Blue Devils now have to win out and have Monmouth fall twice if it wants to go to the FCS playoffs.
That is, barring a 3-team or more tiebreak, which could happen.


After Brian Fowler's possible touchdown run was cut short when he appeared to hurt his leg, Central fumbles a few plays later with 3:24 left.
Central is about to lose at home for the first time since Nov. 17, 2007 against Albany.


Monmouth takes a safety to set up a free kick. CCSU has the ball, 5 minutes left, down 24-12.
Ball at the M 49.


Central's offense stalls again near midfield, but Gunnar Jespersen's quick punt is downed at the one. 7:27 left, time for the defense to make a play.


This might do it. A beautiful misderection run by Monmouth QB Kyle Frazier puts the Hawks up 24-10 with 9:42 left in regulation.


A big penalty that wiped out a long 3rd down completion by Monmouth killed its drive, Central has it deep in its own end as the fourth gets going. The defenses have begun to take control of this one.
CCSU now punting.


The Blue Devils had to punt, but were able to pin the Hawks deep in their own end. The Hawks are trying to move the ball, but the momentum has clearly turned. And just as I said that, Julian Hayes picked up a big first down with 90 seconds left in the third. The Hawks have it near midfield.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Every comeback needs a lucky break

Sterling just dropped a long pass on a 3rd-and-forever, giving Central the ball back. More importantly, it kept the game 17-10 midway through the third.
By the way, on the first play back the other way, Central just missed a bomb of its own to Deven Baker.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Blue Devils on the move

Central has a 13-play, 60-yard drive to start the half, but stalls at the Monmouth 10. Still the Blue Devils get a field goal, and it's 17-10 with 9:37 left in the 3rd.
Monmouth about to get the ball for the first time in the half.


Monmouth starts a drive, then decides to run the clock out.
It's 17-7 after a wild first half.
Monmouth has 241 yards, Central 139.


Brian Fowler's 9-yard score caps a long Central drive. What could have been a 24-0 Monmouth lead is now 17-7 in the final minute of the half. Don't go anywhere yet.


Perhaps I gave up on this game too soon. The Blue Devils are inside the Hawks' 20 after just making a big 3rd-and inches play, less than 2 minutes left in the half.
IF, and it's still a huge IF, Central rallies, that sack-fumble could be the play of the year.


Big play for the Blue Devils. Lorenzo Baker crushes Kyle Frazier, and the ball pops loose. Freshman Tyrell Holmes recovers with 8:34 left in the half and Central has life. The Hawks were well on their way to scoring again, which might have been the ball game.


Central's first good play in a while is a 49-yard punt after its 3-and-out.
Hmm, maybe that's not a good sign?
Still 17-0, 11:21 left in the half, Hawks' ball on their own 18.


The Hawks continue to march down the field as though Central's defenders are tackling dummies. Julian Hayes scores from 6 yars out after the turnover and a 44-yard drive, it's 17-0 less than three minutes into the second quarter.


Gunnar Jespersen gets hammered and the CCSU QB fumbles, and Monmouth takes over just past midfield with about a minute left in the first. It looks like CCSU might need another huge comeback like it had 2 years ago against Monmouth.
Of more immediate concern, Jespersen came off the field looking like he was struggling to know what was going on.
The first is over, Monmouth ran 20 plays for 133 yards and leads 10-0.


Monmouth goes 13 plays and ends up with a 41-yarder by Eric Spinalle (who then waived to the CCSU fans) to make it 10-0 late in the quarter.


Central's first drive starts well, but a pair of incomplete passes, including a busted screen play that was nearly picked, forces CCSU to punt with 9 minutes left in the quarter.
CCSU looked ok, however, especially on runs, and I think this is going to be a high scoring affair.


Well that start was scary if you're wearing blue. Monmouth goes 69 yards on 6 plays capped by a Neal Sterling's impressive 32-yard TD catch during which he broke one tackle then literally dragged two defenders the final five yards into the end zone for a score and a 7-0 lead less than three minutes in.


We're up and running and on time this week! Should be a good game. Let's get this show on the road. CCSU wins the toss and defers.


Sorry for the delay, I was moving back into my house finally after a month-long battle with the effects of Irene. The football preview is done and will be up soon.
The quick version: Central's defense better be ready, this one is a big step up in class. But Central seems ready to me for some reason. Talking to some people at practice this week, I have a hunch the Blue Devils are about to play their best game of the year so far.
It couldn't come at a better time.


Here's your unit breakdown of the game at Wagner. I gave you my overall thoughts earlier, so let's get right to the breakdown.

The Blue Devils ran the ball a lot more than they passed it, but it felt more balanced. Central doesn't NEED to run the ball this year, which seems to be a very good sign. Quarterback Gunnar Jespersen was solid, but he'll be the first to tell you he can be better. Having Raul Debenendittis becoming a big part of the offense again gives Central yet another threat. Six different players caught the ball, which is a big key to an effective offense.
Brian Fowler was back, getting more than 60 yards on 11 carries, better than 5 yards a carry. I can't decide if it's a good thing or bad that CCSU doesn't seem to have a dominant back yet. We'll see if two good ones are better than one great one.

What can you say about the defense I haven't said for three weeks now? Chris Linares and Tyrell Holmes were great and the secondary had five breakups and a pick. I don't get why the pass rush hasn't been there as I thought it would, but there's time for that develop. The secondary seems more than able to hold the fort when the passes come, so it hasn't hurt yet.

We're coming up on a big stretch of the season, so we'll see if the defense can improve and the offense continues to click. If so, it could be an exciting finish to the year for Blue Devils' fans.


I finally got to the blog at about midnight (long night in the shop) and figured none of you will see this until Tuesday anyway, so football thoughts to come Tuesday. I'm off, so I will definitely have time.
Something to look forward to, right?


Well it wasn't pretty and the stats aren't that impressive, but good teams win ugly games on the road. A gutty win for the Blue Devils, capped by an interception again.
If this keeps up it's going to be a dramatic, heart-stopping year for CCSU's fans, but probably a good one.

We'll have a wrapup later tonight.


Did I not call that a few minutes ago? There's your big pick on defense. New Britain's Chris Linares comes up with the pick to save the day for the Blue Devils. An unsportsmanlike isn't his personality, but that can be addressed later. The important thing is CCSU has the ball with two minutes left.


BIG decision here for Wagner. I'd punt and try and pin them deep.
4th and 8 for Wagner on CCSU's 40 or so, 2:30 left.


Wagner held to a field goal, CCSU up 28-24 with just over eight minutes left. In this half, that's enough time for 3 or 4 scores.
Ever wonder why games turn so quickly? I know there was a long stretch late in the third without any points, but the action seems to be much more intense in this half, like a fight in which they feel each other out for a few rounds, then go hard.


Ok was just working to confirm some info since my game tracker went a little batty there, but the offense answered the call again, with two big plays, the 2nd being a long pass to Denzell Jones to give Central the lead again, 28-21. This isn't as easy as ti should be, but it says a lot that Central never seems to stay down for long. Though you could say the same about Wagner.
Central is answering some questions about its offense, but now needs that clutch defense to be that way for 10 more minutes.
I wouldn't be surprised if we see a CCSU pick here soon.


I don't don't if this is more CCSU can't put this one away or Wagner won't stop coming, but either way it's officially 15-play, 87-yard drive that has the game tied at 21 early in the 4th. We'll see if Central's offense can step up the way the defense did late in the last two weeks.


Wagner's doing it the hard way, going on a long drive of nearly 80 yards on 10 plays to get to 1st and goal at the 10 as the 4th begins, with now CCSU once again clinging to that lead, 21-14


The teams trade much-needed stops, though the field is starting to tip in CCSU's direction again.


Well, that was fast, and this is now officially a Madden game.
Jespersen 73 yards to Deven Baker and Central has the lead back with less than three minutes gone in the third. Wild stuff. It's very early in the year, but that might be a BIG play in this season.


And Central doesn't get the momentum back.
At all.
A long Nick Doscher run (he did this to CCSU last year) leads to a score and a tie game before I finished my lunch and got back here for the third.
Not good at all.


Well the third quarter is going to be big here. CCSU has to get some momentum back here. There's nothing wrong with being up 7 at half, but you can't like the way it ended.

Other than time of possession, which Wagner has gained a bit of a lead in, the stats are remarkably even. The defense could use a break, but is hanging in fine. The passing cooled off a bit as the half went on for Central, but Jespersen is a threat, which takes heat off the backs. Central focused this week on cleaning up the penalties, and two in the half is reasonable.

If Central keeps Williams in check, it should find a way to win this one. Though on the road in the NEC is always a scary place. A nice test here before the meat of the season.


BIG run by Chris Tolbert for a first down, that should guarantee CCSU at least gets to the half in good shape. On the road, not much more you can ask.


It looks like Wagner might even be trying to get the ball back here. They smell a chance here.


And just as I was typing all that, Williams punches it in. 14-7, about a minute left in the half. HUGE momentum swing. Not only does Wagner get some life, they get it heading into the break where it can marinade for a while, and it comes right after CCSU had scored to build a nice lead.
That drive could be a game-changer. We'll have to see. It would be very nice for CCSU if it can get at least 3 back here.


All year we've been talking about CCSU's ability to get stops at huge times. Here's one. A goal line stand here, I think wins it for Central.
1st and Goal at the 2 for Wagner, late in the half.


Just a couple of observations as Wagner crosses midfield.
1) This might be the most balanced CCSU offense I've covered. Not saying best, but least reliant on the run. I know they're running a lot today, but you don't feel like the Blue Devils HAVE to run anymore.

2) Really nice, if you're a CCSU fan, to see Brian Fowler get going.

3) This defense appears to be VERY good.


Gunnar Jespersen just punches one in from about 2 yards, the Devils are about to be up 14-0, and now are, with seven minutes left in the half.


CCSU has looked sharp on offense so far, two good long drives have the Blue Devils in command so far, up 7-0 and threatening for more. So much for being tired!


We've solved our technical difficulties and we have this thing up and running!


The story is up on the website. Long story short, I think Central's defense helps the Devils put this one away.
We will be live blogging during the game, so check it out if you can.


Sorry for the delay here, things are crazy in the office these days.
Let's take a look at the men's schedule.
Central will need to clean up at home early in the year, where they play three straight and four of five if you count Mohegan Sun to start the year. The game against Hartford should be a wild atmosphere in New Britain, and is clearly the one to look forward to early.

The two December NEC games are scarier than they appear on paper: at Bryant, which usually is a tough out at home despite its recent record, and home for a rival Sacred Heart team that is looking to bounce back from last year.

Then comes the trip to Michigan State and Northwestern. They're money games and a chance to prep for the NCAA atmosphere if Central gets there. Central did better than many thought last year against A-10 type teams, but this is a different deal. The scariest game of the trip is actually the middle game at Brown, since it will be easy to overlook that one between the other two.

After LaSalle visits, Central travels to a UMass squad that will be looking for some revenge after the beating CCSU gave it in New Britain last year.

The next six NEC games seem manageable, while the stretch of the NYC trip, followed by the home-and home with Quinnipiac and then the PA trip seems much harder. That could prove to be a pivotal part of the schedule. I said earlier that this season would be decided in February, and it looks harder the more I look at it.

No change to the NECs format this year, which is good. And congrats to the NEC for switching rivalry week around. No offense to Bryant, but CCSU should be playing Quinnipiac that week.

I'll have more to say as we go, but there's your first glance.


It just went up, so I'll be back in a bit to break it down right after I write a story for the paper.

CCSU SPORTS: Checking in

Didn't feel like posting yesterday for obvious reasons. Finally done working on all my high school previews, so we're up and running with the blog again.

New Britain's Chris Linares became the 2nd CCSU defensive back to be honored in as many weeks. For a young group, the secondary is actually looking like a strength right now in some ways. Interesting. I have a hunch the Blue Devils are going to be good now, but we'll see. This week is a big one. No letdown now that conference play is upon us.

Great result for women's soccer, which drew Syracuse of the Big East. The Devils are now 1-0-1 against the Big East this year, so the NEC should seem easy, right? I know it never works that way, I'm teasing. Equally strong effort by CCSU golfer Daniel Morgan, which won in three playoff holes this week. I can't even win a playoff on Tiger 11.

Will have some football thoughts tomorrow now that I'm off of the high school preview/schedule typing scene. Talk then.

CCSU FOOTBALL: FIrst thoughts after JMU loss

I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but a couple of things stand out.
One we won't know for a while, but we do know that one of two things is true: Central is either talented enough to play with the big boys this year or JMU is down. We'll have our answer in a couple of weeks.

The offense wasn't spectacular, but the running game appears to have been stronger and the defense answered a lot of questions, continuing what could be becoming a trend and making big plays at key times to keep the Blue Devils in the game. Fantastic effort on that end.

Assuming good health, I think Central can take a lot of confidence out of tonight. Even a down JMU team should  be better than the NEC teams, so CCSU should consider itself even more of a contender to win the league title.

If so, they will get another crack at someone like JMU.

My apologies

That's what I get for going off a straight play-by-play. Central didn't try that fourth and goal, it was a botched kick.


If you're like me and your JMU livestats have been stuck for a while, it's 14-3 JMU with about a minute to go. A fantastic effort by the Blue Devils to hang with a nationally-ranked team.


With a 4th and goal at the seven, Central coach Jeff McInerney chose to gamble down 7-3 and go for the lead. The Blue Devils didn't get in. It wasn't an awful call, but there was enough time left where I might have kicked it and hoped I had a chance to kick for the win later. A FG is much easier to get than a touchdown.


The Blue Devils just kicked a field goal early in the fourth to cut their deficit to 7-3. You'd have loved to have seen them punch it in there if you're rooting for Central, but you also have to be happy JMU hasn't done much, espeically deep in Central's end.


Preview is up, but I don't think the box part is online, so let me break it down for ya here.
The short version of what I wrote is that I think JMU pulls away in the 2nd half, but CCSU puts up a better fight than some might expect.

Again, the big news is that Gunnar Jespersen will play for Central.

I'm in the office tonight so I won't be able to blog every series like when I'm there, but I will be checking in throughout the night.

Enjoy the game.


Quarterback Gunnar Jespersen is back at 100 percent after hurting his left hand last week. He practiced all week and has no restrictions. So that's some good news.
He never wanted to come out of the game last week, but it was done as a precaution.
If you saw the offense in the second half of the Southern game, you'll understand just how important this news is for Central,though I think the o-line had something to do with it as well.


Swamped here with many assignments, but wanted to make sure I mentioned a few things here.

1) Bristol's Tyrell Holmes, who had a big interception Saturday, was the NEC's rookie of the week this week. His pick deep in Central's own end in the third quarter helped Central slow Southern's momentum, at least for a while. As the game turned out, denying the Owls seven potential points might have prevented overtime in the opener.

2) Women's soccer freshman Rosie Maguire of Ireland earned the same honor in her sport,. She had two goals and an assists for Central, which knocked off Providence and lost a close one to Marist this week.

3) Katie Burkhart, probably the greatest pitcher in Arizona State history and a member of its 2008 national championship team, for which she was the NCAA Tournament MVP, is joining CCSU's coaching staff. While she has no collegiate coaching experience, her credentials would appear, on paper at least, to make her a great hire for coach Jeff Franquet.
Some great players don't make great coaches (look up Ted Williams, Magic Johnson and any great hockey player as coaches), but Franquet knows her well and the move seems worth a shot if nothing else.

4) Hoping to have an answer for you on Gunnar Jespersen's status tomorrow.


There are just too many players on a football team to do a man-to-man type thing like I do for basketball, so let's look at the team by units.

First, some overall thoughts: There's no official word, yet, but it doesn't sound from the tone the players were taking that they expect Gunnar Jespersen to play at JMU next week. Obviously it's a week away and anything can happen, and they might have just been upset at the moment, so we'll see, But keep that in mind. I would say he's questionable at best, but again that's just me speculating.

Jake White did a solid job filling in. I think his ability to hit Deven Baker for a TD right away gave him confidence, and more importantly, gave his teammates confidence in him. He admitted to making some bad reads on the interceptions he threw, which is another good sign, taking responsibility.
JMU's new stadium and nationally-ranked team will provide tough be a tough place for White's first start if it comes to that, but he doesn't look like he'll be scared.

Now the rest of the offense: For a half, it was good. Two different QBs led the team to scores and both had time to throw. Coach Jeff McInerney made me eat crow by throwing the ball more than usual (the last time CCSU had more passing yards than rushing yards was last year's opener at UNH), but I think part of that was because CCSU was disappointed in its running game. Chris Tolbert didn't look ready to cede the job to Brian Fowler yet. The loaded offensive line didn't do as good a job as it should have, and Brian Fowler looked rusty.
It's foolish to make sweeping generalizations about how good this team is after Week 1, but that running attack didn't look like many expected it to. The passing game looked ok, but everyone, including the coaches, need to take responsibility for that second half, in which CCSU's only first down came on a SCSU penalty in the final minute. I'm willing to chalk it up to Central taking its foot off the gas with a 28-0 lead, but the Blue Devils better have learned their lesson.You can't just turn the intensity back up, especially after the other team gets momentum.

On defense I thought Central looked ok for the most part. The young secondary showed its youth at times, but the biggest problem the defense had in the second half was being on the field all the time. For me, the biggest key was seeing the team get stops when they ewre needed, including that stop on fourth and goal on the first drive that might have swung the momentum in a big way. If Southern leads that game 7-0, Central might not have gotten off to such a good start itself.
The defense also made some big plays to force turnovers. Gene Johnson's score was huge obviously, and Charlie Williams made a big play to strip the ball. Tyrell Holmes made a really pretty catch on his pick as well.
Overall, the defense did a much better job than the offense, particularly in crunch time. They say the biggest improvements are between Week 1 and Week 2, but the injury to Jespersen and the quality of the opponent next week might hide some of those improvements. I think we'll know more after the trip to Wagner.
But for now, I don't see a ton of reason to panic. There is, however, room for improvement.


Craziness in New Britain: Southern scores with 2:31 left to cut the lead to 28-19. Owls coach Rich Cavanaugh inexplicably goes for two hoping to cut the lead to seven but risking keeping it at nine and ending the game. (You're supposed to go for two at the very last minute, if you don't you risk never getting the chance to tie the game with one.)
They hit, and the game is 28-21. The Owls go for an onside kick, it bounces around, and Bristol's Matt Tyrell catches is and runs it 35 yards for a score to ice the game.
Crazy finish, ad Central is going to win a game in which it didn't gain a first down in the second half.
Time to write, I'll blog again if conditions warrant, but you can put this one in the win column.


Central forces a punt, and can try and eat valuable minutes away, then run out of dodge.


Mustaqiim Plair (spell that five times fast) with a pick, and Southern is in business with just under 7:30 left. The Owls, after a penalty, have it at their own 37, down 28-13.


There's less than nine minutes left, so Central won't have time to blow this game, but the Blue Devils sure seem to be trying. it's 28-13 after Central blocked an extra point.
White is back in at quarterback, who could really use a score to end this thing.


Southern continues to control the half, but can't get anything out of that control. The Owls currently have the ball inside the Central 30 after forcing a punt from deep in Central's end. The Owls were inside the CCSU 10 on their last drive, but Bristol's Tyrell Holmes came up with a huge interception to keep the score 28-7. That sounds like it's not a close game, but it could easily be 28-17 right now and the Owls continue to drive.


Chris Hazelton misses a 39-yard FG and Southern misses a chance to really gain some momentum.
Denzell Jones is in at QB for Central now, midway through the third.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Owls on the board

It's now 28-7 Central early in the third. No time for CCSU to be flat, there's way too much time left.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Southern gets a pick

As we start the third, Jake White is picked off by Mike Escobar deep in CCSU territory, but an excessive celebration call moves the Owls back to about the 45.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Scores and updates

Jake White 31 yards to Bristol's Matt Tyrell, who made a leaping catch, and a pretty one at that. 28-0 CCSU just before the half.

As for Gunnar, official word is it's a finger injury to his left hand, which we already knew. His return is doubtful. (read: totally unnecessary.)

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Gunnar Jespersen looks to be done for the day

I'm speculating, but he is on the sideline with his hand in ice and his helmet missing. By the way it's his LEFT hand, obviously a big difference.
Jake White, meanwhile, is marching Central again, inside the SCSU 40.


As I was hitting send on the last post, Charlie Williams forced a fumble by SCSU QB Kevin Lynch, then Gene Johnson picked it up and ran it 23 yards. CCSU leads 21-0 with about six minutes left in the half.

CCSU FOOTBALL LIVE BLOG: Good news and bad

Central's second TD pass of the game, a nine-yarder to Jake White, gives Central a 14-0 lead with 7:46 left in the half. But the pass came from Jake White after Gunnar Jespersen was injured, apparently on his right hand, on a run out of bounds on a key 3rd down moments earlier.


After Central held Southern, the Blue Devils' first drive of the second quarter got them to the 25 or so of the Owls, they then made a huge 4th and 6 on an option pitch to Tolbert.


A 5-yard score from Gunnar Jespersen to Deven Baker has CCSU up 7-0 with 0:46 left in the first.


And a roaring start at that. Southern drove to the CCSU 1 to start the game, but didn't score on fourth and short when a Kevin Lynch pass was caught past the back of the end zone.
CCSU drove into Southern's end, then punted and forced the Owls back to the 1.
London Lomax picked a pass off at the 18 then ran it to the 1, but a personal foul call on CCSU has the Blue Devils back with the ball at their own 20 with three minutes left in the quarter.
Other than that nothing has happened.


I'm going to try and update the blog throughout the game Saturday. My preview is online now and in the paper.


Getting a victory at Providence is a nice feather in the cap for the women. A good start will help them get some needed confidence heading into conference play. Even better is to get two goals from a pair of freshmen.
Jumping out to a big lead is always key.

The men, meanwhile, just can't get any offense going. I have a feeling it's going to be a long year for them, but there's plenty of time for them to turn it around.

Nice win for volleyball, too.


I don't have much more than what I've written for the paper, I will let you know if that changes.

I will say this. Speaking strictly from a sports standpoint, which is all I do, I don't anticipate much to come of it. Obviously I'll let you know if that changes, but I wouldn't expect him to miss any time or anything.


I haven't seen the paper since I'm still holed up away from the house, but I hear my Jewel Robinson piece ran today. She's a wonderful kid and easy to root for. The definition of a student-athlete.
Working on a football seaosn preview to run Friday and a game preview to run Saturday that you can take with you to the game.