I think for what will be a very young team, having a bunch of home games early is huge. Coach Piper does a good job of finding challenging and yet winnable games for the non-conference slate.
At Hartford might be a real test as the Hawks will be looking for revenge, and UMass is a step up in class from the NEC.
Holy Cross at home is interesting, and Rhody and Siena give Central a trio of fairly big name area schools coming to New Britain.
Note that the Boston College game is at Chestnut Hill.
The NEC games are oddly bunched, looking more like a baseball schedule. Four-game trip, a few at home, etc.
One mistake I caught... there isn't five in a row at home. It's 3 out of 5. I saw an early version that had me a bit confused.
There's a home and home with Quinnipiac in February but the Sacred Heart games are broken up this year.
The PA trip coming so late in the year has to be a concern. If the Blue Devils are playing for something, that's a tough time to have to head on the road. But Central finishes with two at home, which gives it one more chance.


I'll have a lot more to say about this tonight, but I have to write something for the paper before I head to the Rock Cats game, so I'll blog more tonight.
For now, here's a link to the schedule.
Spoiler alert: Many, many early home games.


As you guys know, I've often prided myself on giving you the best coverage of CCSU athletics you can find anywhere. That's NOT what's changing.

But now, there's going to be even more coverage. I can't tell you all the details yet, but it's going to be a rather extensive endeavor. For it to work, we need you guys to support it. So I'll make my usual request: I'll do all the running around I usually do for you guys and write my fingers off, and you agree to read and click on all of it. Deal? Deal.


So you've probably seen the the teaser video CCSU produced for their new logo unveiling in August. The little I know about it makes the uniform/logo geek in me excited. I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing the new court.

By the way, cheap plug, we'll be doing an episode of Sports Page Online from the unveiling. Make sure you watch.

Also, while I'm thinking of it, did you all read all my stuff on CCSU hoops last week?

The short of it is this: If the Devils can find a point guard, they can win the NEC.


Planning in August to be doing what I hope becomes an annual big sit down with Paul Schlickmann, so start sending me questions and subjects you want me to hit on. He's pretty good about answering whatever I ask, so let me know what you want to know about!


I know I keep beating this one to death, but Ken Horton himself told me he's coming back. So no more questions about that.
I'll have a few stories and notes over the next couple of days off of Howie Dickenman's Basketball School.


A couple of birdies told me you could see Army and UMBC at Detrick, and CCSU at UMass and Brown for return games.