Checking in

First off, Hud, I meant to post this sooner.... if you're having trouble contacting me, write I will get it and post it here for you, or at least answer you. Would love to get some more dialogue going with you. And you owe me a Pepsi.
As for our Blue Devils... let's do some quick hits here.
I went kind of in depth on the football team in the paper the other day... will do more on the upcoming game this week. The short of it is that CCSU believes that if it cleans up occasional mistakes on defense it can have a dominant group on that side of the ball.
On offense... I get the feeling that Hunter is on a short leash this week because of all the fumbles, whether you believe they are his fault or not. (And I'm not saying I do by the way). I also think you're starting to see Mac revert to his ways, and you'll see a lot less passing as the season goes on. However, I do believe a lot of the talk that the passing game has been underachieving is overdone. I'm not convinced this group is ever going to go off for like 400 yards passing in a game, Gator offense or not.

The men's soccer team has been reminded that it can't sleepwalk through the season. One bad stretch cost the Devils any chance to win the Siena game, and letdown late was costly against Yale, though I think the effort was solid for much of that game, if not the execution.

The women... I'm fascinated to see them again and figure out what the deal is. I knew the team would find trouble scoring goals, but I never thought the defense would give up five in a game. Though Hartford, a good source told me, is not a team to be taken lightly.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the year so far?

Catching up

First off, want to apologize for not updating. For some reason I'm having trouble blogging from home, and I was off for a couple of days. I was at CCSU football practice the other day and got some interesting tidbits that I'll be writing up this weekend.
Some quick thoughts... The defense believes it can get better, but that it has played well enough to keep the team in games. It's right. If not for a couple of big plays (ifs and buts are like...) the Devils would have a couple of big wins.
On offense... well for now it's safe to say the fumbling problems came up, and I didn't bring them up.

Fun with numbers

Well, for those who want CCSU to pass the ball more, I think you're going to be disappointed. I thought the offense was about as open as this staff will ever unleash.
Central passed 23 times for 159 yards, numbers that I never thought I'd see. Six different receivers caught passes (one of the things I'm going to ask Mac is why Nick isn't getting it it just a coverage thing or has he been passed by the other WRs?).
Now I'll grant you I never coached anything but a Madden team in football, but I've watched enough to know that when you're a heavy underdog, the best way to keep the score down is to run the ball and milk the clock. The same holds true in basketball, which is probably where I got my theory from since that's my sport: if the other team is better, don't give it the ball.
I didn't have a problem with the game plan except for the end of half situation. You only live once, take a shot at it. But mainly, keeping the ball from Webb and milking the clock through runs and short passes is how I'd have gone, too. Now I don't think Mac did it to run the clock per se, but it's an added bonus.
I think football is a lot about momentum, which is why I would have taken a shot at the end of the half and why that 2-minute stretch was so big. Even if Central doesn't score down 7-0... imagine a decent drive that forces the Tribe deep in its own end and a stop.... it's 7-0 late in the quarter or even early 2nd. Might have been a different game.
The task of keeping things close, since Central isn't going to score a ton of points again, will fall on the defense. Making some big plays and getting some stops early in games will be key when times get tough against the likes of Albany. Central, whether you think it's because of coaching or personnel, doesn't have the firepower to come back from 16-point holes very often.
What did you guys think of the game?

1st half breakdown

Well the bad news is that the game is a little wider than I thought. The good news is it hans't gotten away.
CCSU has given away some points, and you can't do that against this team.
Also, the pass defense HAS to get better. 6 passes for 131 yards? Ouch.
The run defense hasn't been as pourous. 60-something of the yards came on 2 rushes.

As for the end of half... I'm torn. I hate when coaches go conservative and run it out instead of going for the Hail Mary, but I think here it's a good sign. CCSU didn't want to risk and interception return because Mac believes the game isn't over. If it was, say 37-13, he might have just gone for a lucky break. But the Devils are one score from being back in the game.

Love the way they have responded to every Tribe score since the rough start. But now it's crucial that the Devils get some stops.

On offense, look for the dink and dunk to continue to keep the ball away from Webb.

My bold prediction: next score wins.

Just checking in

still writing the soccer game up (many, many ot's) so I won't be blogging too much until after the football game. I'll check in from time to time with thoughts though.
If the defense doesn't step up, there won't be much to write about.

Stay tuned tonight

we'll be blogging during the game tonight as I can while at the office and watching the game.


I want you all to read the paper and see why (I did a REALLY extensive preview this week), but I'll give my loyal blog friends my pick here for free.
34-13 Tribe in a game that is closer than the score indicates, but never really close. CCSU hangs around, but WM pulls away late. It's, say, 13-6 Tribe early, but they get a big play early in the second half and never look back.
Now, the question becomes this. If CCSU runs the table after Saturday, does it dance? I don't think so, but it's a thought.

Every once in awhile

A coach says something that is REALLY interesting.
If you missed my story today...Mac talked about how coaching on crutches calmed him down and helped the team maintain poise. His theory was that since he couldn't run around and act like, well, Mac, that there was a calmer tone to the sideline.
I told him if he's right, he has to keep the crutches for the rest of the year, even after the quad heals.

Back to it

Will be blogging a lot this weekend as the games come upon us again. Hope you'll take the time to read these things.
I'll start with feedback to the feedback:
JJ buddy. While I don't disagree with your theory, let's not get too excited yet. It's way too early to tell what wins mean anything. If Lehigh goes 0-11, this win isn't as big. As for using the preseason polls to judge strength...well, don't. It's been my experience that they mean as much as if you drew names out of a hat.
Again, everything you said could prove to be true. But let's look at it again in two weeks.

2 quick things before bed

What a crazy day. Just wanted to say 2 things before I turn the cpu off for the night.
1) I was wrong in my prediction. I said 28-24. It was 28-21. Ha. Don't worry, I won't get that close again all year I'm sure.
2) Anyone who didn't believe me about next week being hard, or everyone ready to try and get CCSU admitted to the Big East after this win. William and Mary beat VIRGINIA today.
Uh oh.

Holy Moly!

Ok, lots coming in the next couple of days, but what a HUGE momentum builder heading into next week.
If CCSU can pull the upset Saturday (and it will be much harder), then you can legitimately start talking playoffs.
My question to you guys: where do you rank this win in program history?

Settling in is right

2 observations:
1) love the way Central is mixing in players... Martin and Fowler in particular.
2) That interception in the end zone has the potential to be a season changer.

Halftime hopes

The good news: Central gets to the break tied.
The bad news: As the Lehigh coach said, the Mountain Hawks are "lucky" not to be way behind. The problem with that my old high school baseball coach used to say, when you have your foot on the throat of a snake, never take it off.
I have a feeling CCSU is going to pay for letting 2 or 3 touchdowns get away.

Is this the quck start I was talking about?

Hope you guys liked everything in the paper today. Lots of stuff in there for ya.
How about this quarter? If not for the TO's CCSU would be up big. Just hope that doesn't come back to bite it. Letting a better team off the hook can be costly.
Central's defense has been great, perhaps I underrated them. But let's watch a whole half at least before we figure that out.

Quick thought

You'll see PLENTY in the paper in the morning (read it all before the game, please), so I won't spoil it, just wanted to give a quick thought.

For a week at least, I've bought the hype. I haven't seen this team this confident and ready for a game in a long time. I think the Devils take the momentum in and win Saturday, I really do. Now before you start calling me a homer you should know I have them at 8-3 on the year and don't plan on being as generous with my pick next week (unless I see something change), but I really do think they roll this week. Not roll as in rout Lehigh, but they carry the momentum from camp and play a good, confident game.

I'll say this... I think they win, but it comes down to the first quarter. Central starts well, it definitely wins in my humble opinion.

If the Devils lose, it's because they are so badly outsized upfront that Clark has all day to throw and picks them apart. But I think the defense is quick and fiesty enough to prevent that.

Of course, I've been wrong before.

Lots to do

so don't panic and think I've dissappeared if I don't hop on here for a couple of days.
Have to finish the soccer preview and a bunch of football stuff. So watch the paper and I'll talk to you guys no later than the weekend.
But as always, email me at

And Hud, I was just checking you weren't mad at me already! I was serious though about sending me stuff. I WILL ask your questions. I can't promise you'll like the answers, but I will ask.
And don't think I've forgotten you owe me a Cherry Pepsi.

Some stuff

Waiting to hear more about basketball, but until then just wanted to update you on the football stuff.

There will be 3 stories coming this week, been waiting until closer to the season. Am going to try and find out more about the offense as you guys requested, too.

And Hud... while there is one story coming I think you won't like, remember I work for you (and all the other readers). Get in touch with me here, at or post something on the message board. If you want me to ask something specific, tell me. I want to tell you what you want to know. That goes for the rest of you, too. Talk to me. I'll update this thing 3 times a day if we get the interest.

And as for the sucking up (if that was directed at me)....we're doing predictions this year, and you'll see that I don't think CCSU is going to win every game. In fact, I think you were right about on the ball with 7-4 if I saw right.