CCSU men vs. Sacred Heart wrap up

The season is not lost, but this was a tough one to swallow for the Blue Devils. It was close all the way, but Central had seemed to take control until the last three minutes, when it picked a terrible time for a drought.
Ken Horton had an amazing game, but didn't take over down the stretch.
As for the last play, I always liked calling a timeout once you get to half court, then setting up a quick-hitter shot for the win. I totally understand the argument of avoiding letting the defense set up, but I'd rather be organized on offense.
Central won't win the NEC unless it either gets consistently strong play from its entire big 3 or enough help from other people to make up for a bad night for one of them. Tonight, it got neither, and still nearly won on the road.
Let's look at how it went down by playing man-to-man.

Ken Horton: 25 and 14 is an amazing night, but I'd still love to see him take the game over more often in the final moments. Still, without his efforts, CCSU loses this one by 20.

Terrell Allen: More fouls than rebounds is never good from a big.

Kyle Vinales: Has gone back to being more than just a shooter, dishing the ball well at times. He's a player, no doubt.

Malcolm McMillan: Not  a stellar night, but the kid battles and plays the whole game on bad shins. The two blocks were a pleasant surprise.

Robby Ptacek: Tried to shoot his way out of it, but just couldn't get on track. Part of me wishes he'd stop shooting when he's that cold, but Central hasn't had enough other players show they can be offensive threats to make that possible. As for the last shot, he did what he could with it.

Adonis Burbage: Not much statistically, but  provided some rest for the starters.

De'Angelo Speech: Still trying to get going again. But being healthy helps.

Joe Efese: Followed up a strong game Thursday with a bit of a stinker Saturday. So goes the enigma that is Joe Efese.

David Simmons: CCSU's centers combined for four points and eight rebounds. Simmons, however, was the best of the bunch tonight.


  1. CCSU problem is 3 players can not beat a team, they need all 10 players. For example KY , Syarcuse, Indiana, Wagner etc. use 8-10 players in a game. CCSU coaches need to re-evaluate their players and get in everyone involve or work on their roles.

  2. First, it's a little crazy to compare those teams to CCSU. No disrespect to the Blue Devils, but Central doesn't recruit those kinds of players, and isn't the kind of team who will get 10 guys who can score big numbers.
    But if we're going to play that game, I would point out that Syracuse doesn't fit your premise at all. The Orange actually have fewer players who score double-figures (2) than CCSU (3).
    I agree with your general point, however. I did think the Devils took a big step forward in that direction Thursday.

  3. Your missing the point. I'm talking about a team efforts. If you notice, at end of games team such as Wagner, LIU, and Robert Morris plays at higher levels of effectiveness and CCSU level are low because the 3 players playing heavy minutes. There for they can't defend effectively nor they can not make shots because their legs are tired. 3 will never beat 5.