I haven't decided yet if I want to give Central a ton of credit for pulling out a tough game on the road or rip the Blue Devils for letting what should have been an easy night become a nail-biter.
My sense is that the truth is somewhere in between. Up double-digits in the second half, the game never should have gotten close again. That said, Central did what it had to do and got a big road win, making the Devils 5-0 heading into the Saturday Showdown with Wagner.

Let's look at this win, which has CCSU 5-0 in the league.

Ken Horton: 3 to tie 4 to break the record if my late-night math is right. As for the game itself, it was a typical Horton night. Shoot better than 50 percent, score 23-plus and grab nine boards. Four turnovers are a bit high and he hasn't made a three in about two weeks, but we're really nitpicking here. Saturday, by the way, would be a nice time to get hot from there.

Terrell Allen: Interesting choice to start. Did some nice things as usual, but I think I like him as an energy guy off the bench.

Kyle Vinales: His hot streak at the end of the first half changed the game and paved the way for the big lead in the second half.

Malcolm McMillan: Tough as nails, smart, but Central needs to get him some rest and soon.

Robby Ptacek: A man who never seems to need rest, he didn't shoot well. He got himself good shots though, which is more than half the battle. Those will fall.

Adonis Burbage: A cup of coffee.

Shelton Mickell: One of two men who need to step up and help ease McMillan's burden, he needs to give Howie Dickenman more reasons to play him.

De'Angelo Speech: Here's the other. With three steals in 11 minutes, it's clear he's close to being a contributor again. My sense is he comes off the bench the rest of the year (and starts next to Malcolm next year), but he will play a big part in the next 13 NEC games. Actually, CCSU hopes it's 16 more.

Joe Efese: If only he could stay out of foul trouble. He's showing huge flashes, he just needs to put it together for 2 consecutive halves, and do it without fouling.

David Simmons: He busts his tail, and Central seems to feed off his energy.

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