First off, I'll go back and patch up the Wagner post soon for record keeping purposes and to serve as reminders before the rematch next month.
For now, however, let's take a brief look at tonight's win, a game that was over 10 minutes in. Here's a very quick version of man-to-man.

Ken Horton: His streak of 20 misses form three is over. Tonight's thought? My word, how many points would have be putting up if he hadn't gone cold from outside? A double-double and a crazy dunk. Well, more like a crazy catch. The ball was behind him, and he managed to corral it and get it down.

Terrell Allen: A big part of the emerging 3-headed monster in the middle.

Kyle Vinales: Yes, he shoots alot. But he also had seven assists with no turnovers.

Malcolm McMillan: 10 assists, no turnovers.

Robby Ptacek: A quiet night, but he wasn't needed. Bryant just couldn't do anything about it.

Adonis Burbage: Hit a pair of threes, had a pair of blocks, and ate up some minutes. A nice effort.

Shelton Mickell: At least he's healthy.

De'Angelo Speech: Ditto.

Mark Laporte: His miss probably was the only disappointment of the night for CCSU.

Joe Efese; Played really well. Seems to be taking to the bench role. His spurt late in the first half iced the game.

David Simmons: A big hoop and some energy.

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