Between illness and work we'/re behind on this, so let's bang out a man-to-man for record keeping purposes as much as anything.
It was an ugly win, and CCSU will have to be much more consistent today, but a win is a win, and this team needed one. So let's play man-to-man.

Joe Efese: His lack of rebounds and Dave Simmons' fantastic play led to him only getting 10 minutes. But I still think he's improving.

Ken Horton: He put the Superman cape on down the stretch, making up for a subpar effort before that. He was strong on the glass, however. He's 48 from the record.

Kyle Vinales: 27 on the night, and 20 early when Central desperately needed someone to keep the Devils in the game. Sometimes you can have a big first half and have it matter.

Malcolm McMillan: 4 steals and only 2 turnovers. Tough as nails, too. Becoming a quiet leader on a team that needs one.

Robby Ptacek: Coach Dickenman's speech worked wonders. Great second half.

Adonis Burbage: Some filler minutes again.

Shelton Mickell: Looks like he's getting his feet under him after a rough start, then an injury.

De'Angelo Speech: This will be a different team, especially defensively, when he's healthy.

David Simmons: Just a great effort. If Central follows his lead in terms of energy and passion, it will be fine.

Terrell Allen: Same thing. Big minutes before the half that helped keep CCSU alive.

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