Everything old is new again

Won't have much you didn't already know for Thursday, but hoping to have more for Friday morning's paper.

I will say this, though: Two years ago, I had a lead written after the last home women's soccer game with great quotes from Mick, but we held off since the project hadn't been officially announced. So, if my memory is right, that was fall of 2006. This year the Blue Devils will play on the same field in the fall of 2008. That could mean their first game on the new turf won't be until the fall of 2011 (again, using loose estimates I've gotten from people and my rough math skills).

Not blaming anyone in particular (yet), but never thought that would happen.

I missed you guys!

Ok, so the Sports Editor gig took some getting used to, I won't lie. Had to get adjusted to being the boss (which means more clerical and desk duties), but I have everything pretty much settled. We've also just hired a new person in the office, and we're back up to 4 (five with our wonderful intern).
Why am I boring you guys with this info? Well 2 reasons: First, I wanted to apologize for suddenly disappearing the way I did for awhile. It seems like every time I get going on something, I get pulled in 17 directions. Hopefully now that we're fully staffed and I know what I'm doing with the new job, we'll get that sorted out.
2. Now that I'm all settled in I'm officially back on the CCSU beat.

So here's the schedule, in no particular order since what runs first is almost always determined by the stories we can get and in what order we get it: 1) The baseball recap I never got the chance to finish. 1b) The fields, that hunt begins when I get in the office about 3 p.m. Tuesday. 3) Hoops. I'll have some hoops stuff coming soon. 4) The football thing. I didn't forget about the football roster stuff. Have to get a couple things confirmed, but I still have no reason to change my thought that one of the prevailing thoughts of the offseason among some fans could be off. I'll let you know as soon as I can, and I'll also let you know if I'm wrong and you fans are right. It's been known to happen once or twice, though I have been pretty good with my last couple of predictions.