let's make a deal

James Mallory just got invited by the Bucs to their rookie mini camp this weekend. If he does well he gets to go to their offseason camps and then hopefully training camp. They seem to like him because of his special teams ability.

I haven't forgotten you guys.

I do plan on getting you lots of thoughts on the spring game. There's a story in today's paper and there will be a bigger story in MONDAY's paper and I'll blog some stuff Sunday. The HOF dinner went long, as did my writing time. Also I have lots to do Saturday at my desk, and I'll be away Sunday, but you'll see plenty from me.
I'll give you a couple of quick thoughts for now:
1) Apparently I was higher on Gunnar's day than everyone else. While everything in my story was accurate, some people, including the coaches, found some more flaws than I did. I'll have to rethink it and pour through my notes again.
2) I don't think it matters much, as this team will be based on Brian Fowler and the O-Line anyway. I'm sure Mac will talk in the fall about opening it up, and I'll write it because he says it, but we all know when push comes to shove, he'll stick to the run. Of course, I don't think that's really a bad thing.
3) Don't worry about the defense yet. Most of it didn't play today.
4) A very reliable source told it's very possible that one of the two suspended women's hoops players back next year, but not the other. They didn't go further, but I don't think it takes a lot of thought or digging to figure out that means Gabby could be back but not Shontice.
5) Also, and I don't want to say it fully until I confirm it with someone at CCSU, but a different little birdie told me the women will have a FASCINATING game on the schedule next year, and you all will be able to attend. [No, it's not UConn. Let's not get crazy.]
6) Adding to what I wrote at the end of the season, it looks more and more like the men are going to play a number of big name teams next year. Penn St. is still the only name I can confirm, but there are more and more rumblings that Howie wasn't kidding when he said he was looking for more "heavy hitters."

One more

I don't know personally much about Coach Stowers other than what I've read, but I talked to a couple of people who know him, including Mac, who worked for him, so that's where I got the info I went with in the story. Will include some of my own views as time goes on.

Quick notes

1) It's a little confusing I think in my story, so let me try and explain it better: Ring ceremony/festivities start at 1:30 Saturday, actual kick off is 2:30 or so.

2) Talked to several people in the know tonight, including the man himself. James Mallory has a shot to go Saturday, but if not he'll definitely get into someone's training camp. Eagles, Chiefs, Pats are the teams I'm hearing from various people, but I'm going to guess the hometown Bills.

3) LOTS coming in the next few days, I promise. Getting caught back up with CCSU stuff while doing lots of HS stuff in the spring.

2 things

sorry I haven't blogged much, the poster was right, I've been very busy with HS stuff.
I'll have lots from spring football in the next couple of days, including a preview. I talked to Mac about the changes in the staff that we talked about after last year as well.
ESPN is reporting that the tourney is set to expand to 68! It's good news for people who like the integrity of the tournament (96 would have been a disaster), but it's bad for CCSU and the like, because I PROMISE you they'll just have four play-in games for the 16 seeds. What they should do is make the bubble teams play for the 12s, but that will never happen. Ugh.
Well it's better than 96 at least.

Clearing up the last post

I meant there will likely be one out, not in. I'll let ya know when I know for sure. I expect one more small change as well. But I was, again, told by several that the thing about two kids being kicked off was definitely not true.

Hoops roster turnover

I talked to everyone from players to coaches to a couple other sources today regarding the comment left here about roster changeover. I got the same story from enough people that I'm comfortable making this assesment:
There might be at least one transfer (I'd be surprised if there wasn't), though I'm not going to say who yet as the person hasn't decided yet, and is still very much a part of the team at the moment.
There might be one other change I'll keep ya posted on if it becomes anything, but I feel confident in killing the rumor left here: No one has been "kicked off" the team.

Quick apology

CT Hoops: After reading my response again today, I wanted to apologize for some of my over the top word choice, particularly the word "lies."
My point was simply this: If you want to say Howie hasn't done a good job the last couple of years, that's a perfectly valid opinion. My point wasn't to strictly defend Howie. I'd like to see, at least at times, a more set rotation, and I think it's very fair to say that sometimes kids play tentatively because they're scared to get yanked out of the game because of his quick hook.
What I took offense to was the idea that coaches who yell at their players can't win. I used the examples of those other coaches, but I should have also added that those guys are at higher levels as well.
I tend to be harsh about what I deem to be unfair criticism, and I was way over the top that way this time. However, don't let this incident scare anyone else off. I enjoy a good debate, and obviously criticism of me and or the program is more than ok.

Quick rebuttal

See my comment below CTHoops. I posted your comment because I have no problem with negative comments, but I can't let factual misrepresentations slide.
Also see below for the new AD.

Bad, bad blogger

much to catch up on, and I will next week I promise. I wanted especially to tackle the long comment I just posted. But first I wanted to break a little news, which I'd had the chance this afternoon, but I think this is the first you'll see it.
Paul Schlickmann of Stony Brook will be named AD tommorow. LOTS more on what that means tommorow.