But not much

Wag got a run in the 10th, and CCSU left 2 on. Ballgame over, season over. Thanks for reading, check the paper for a full breakdown.

Bonus baseball!

White was brillaint and Charlie's move to use Parker as a pitcher paid off to escape trouble in the 9th.
Bonus baseball!

Were you under the impression this would be easy?

Wagner got 3 in the 7th and chased Markoya with a leadoff double in the 8th, but Donny White left him at third with a great relief job. 5-5 bot 8 now.

Send the bill to C.J. Jones

Back-to-back homers by Parker and Wells in the 5th have CCSU back up 5-2.
Parker's hit the scoreboard, which means 3 of CCSU's 4 homers today have been off of something (light pole, Fribble sign, scoreboard).

Wag rallying

The Hawks get 2 back in the 5th, but Markoya got a big K with 2 outs and the bases loaded. 3-2 CC.

Highlight of the week

There are no more cadidates required to even try. Richie Tri just hit a ball off the light pole in right. He hit the pole so hard the ball came back into mid-right. Just a shot.
3-0 CCSU.

Back for more

Day 2 in New Britain:
First off, in case you didn't read the paper, a quick update: Wagner's protest went nowhere, so we're here.

After the first 15 men were retired in the game, Sean Parker's two-run homer off the Fribble (now I want a milkshake) put CCSU up 2-0 in the bottom of the third.

My fingers hurt

After CCSU tied the game, SHU just hit a two-run homer. It's 15-13 SHU in the 8th.

U kidding me?

This is a video game at this point. 5 SHU runs later it's 13-12 SHU going to the 8th. I'm pitching tommorow I think.

Now it's a chess game

12-11 bot 7, tying run on 3rd, Charlie goes to Kerski. So Derek, Taylor and Kerski have all gone today. You need to win this one now to try and patchwork your way through tommorow. Lose today and its chaos in the bullpen because you have to play two more than if you win today.

I'm at the new Yankee Stadium

I think any-way. Richie Tri granny put CCSU up 12-6, but it's 12-8 after 6.


Taylor got out of big trouble...8-6 CCSU after five. FIVE. I'm gonna see if I can just sleep here I think.

Business picked up!

CCSU got four runs on three hits and three SHU errors in the fifth and led 8-5. But SHU is rallying.... more later.

We could be here awhile!

After SHU went up 5-4, CCSU started the fifth with three hits and a SHU error. It's 6-5 Devils, top 5.

That didn't take long

CCSU took the lead in the top of the fourth, but Schmidt, who dove to make a catch to end the CCSU threat, homered to start the last of the fourth. 4-4.

Tied up

Told you this team would battle. Meade's triple bounced off everything but my head.

Trouble in NB

There's talk that Wagner is trying to protest its loss in the first game. There were conflicting calls on a caught fly ball and runners took off when one called it a hit. I doubt, in fact I'd be stunned, if anything comes of it, but since it could effect who CCSU plays I'll look into it.

Thought we'd bring this back

Thought we'd bring this back for the tourney, one of our main focuses of this thing to begin with.

Derek gave up three in the first, but he threw strikes, which was a bright spot. Giving up runs on strikes isn't nearly as bad as walking people.

Central responded with two in the bottom of the inning. Say what you want about this team, but as I said in the paper today, they battle. Tough group.

3-2, top 3 now.