Wednesday combined two of my favorite things, sports and logos. So to say I had fun at Central Connecticut's logo unveiling is an understatement.

Make sure you read my stories as well as watch our SPO Daily show, which we did from the logo party, at after this. But here's a big review, as promised, for the new logos and designs at CCSU. So, let's get right to it.

First off, the colors are a big improvement. CCSU AD Paul Schlickmann talked about wanting to get consistency into the uniforms and logos, and this was the first step in that process. As the teams get new uniforms in the next couple of years, I think you'll see fewer examples of teams looking dissimilar from each other.

The gray accent color is an improvement over the black. The black looked good on some of the uniforms, but took away from the idea of CCSU being the "Blue Devils," much like when Duke wears its black alternates. If Central goes to mostly blue and white with just a touch of gray, that will be a great change.

One player told me today the football helmets (which weren't at the unveiling, but you can see if you click on the SPO video) are brighter (more royal blue and less navy) and will match the uniforms better. No more Dallas Cowboy-style color clashing for Central.

Before we get into the specifics, here's a link to some more pics (you can see more in the Herald as well) so we all know what we're talking about.

The actual main wordmark is solid. Very few complaints. Not sure how much we'll see it, but it's a good combination of classy and modern. Not over the top, but doesn't look like it was made in the 1980s either.

The new devil logo is a big improvement as well. The smiling devil never did much for me. Logos and mascots should be intimidating, and this devil does a much better job of projecting that image.

Speaking of the new devil, which you can help name via a contest on CCSU's social media sites, it's great. By far the highlight of the day. The outfit is better, as the eyes that spun around on the old mascot are gone, which is good because it freaked me out, and he has a pitchfork. He could have a bit more of a scowl, but you don't want to scare kids either. Huge improvement, pending an official name.

Finally, the basketball court. I like that they did something a little different than just slap the devil head in the middle of the court. The combination of the CC and Devil works, I think because it's on such a big space. I think it would look too crowded on a hat, but on the big floor it works. I'd have even been OK if they made it a little bigger, but it's nice to see someone show restraint in an age where court logos start in the middle and go out to the 3-point lines on each side. 

The font on the sideline came out well. Central Connecticut is a long enough name where it fills the sideline nicely and you don't have to stretch by putting the web site or something on it. I usually like a filled in lane, but the NEC logos fill that in.

Also, while I didn't go onto the floor, I think the ads are now painted on instead of stickers. If I'm right, that's much better and safer.

The only thing I was sad to see go is the old CC logo, like the one on the baseball team's hats. It will be a while before everyone has new unis (I believe it's just the two basketball teams this year, save for the football helmets, being new), so we might get to see those beauties for another year. If anyone at CCSU happens to read this (and no, I wasn't in the focus groups), I'd like to suggest using the new C's without the devil for the hats or just the devil head for the baseball hats.

And no, I don't have a good name for the Devil yet. I thought I did, but I decided it was dumb. 

And that, my loyal readers, is as much as you'd ever want to know about the new logos. I'll be doing this again I'm sure when I see the basketball uniforms, which don't exist yet.

Until then, we'll get back to the on-field activities. I have football talk lined up for tomorrow.


  1. Matt,

    In total agreement. The new look is great and was long overdue. I was impressed with everything they did, including th event to kick it off. This is a great vibe!

    It will be nice to see both soccer teams be more consistant with the CCSU look when they incorporate this new colors and marks into their kits.

    The womens hoops and softball teams were most in need of this new look. The fonts and colors they were using was, well ... awful.

    The ONLY downside to the new logo and marks, will be the baseball team. Their look - from the CC hats, to the sleveless unis,to the block CENTRAL on the chest was possibly one of the best looks in NCAA. They looked first class, and I wouldn't mind if they hold on to them for a year or two.

    I think they should use the same logo as the football helmets, although the devils profile wouldn't be a bad choice either.

  2. Matt,
    Since I know this is one of your favorite topics, maybe you could ask how the football teams goes about selecting its uniform style/combos for each game.

    Personally, at HOME they look great in the blue tops on white pants. And on the ROAD, I think the white jerseys with blue pants are great.

    The solid 'blueberry' look, is well ...

    I wasn't a big fan of the last season's jerseys when they were using those very thick numbers. The NIKE ones they were using before that with the small piping (idential to Kentucky and Buffalo) were great.

    I know they don't have the combos like Oregon to choose from, but how much is the look decieded by the players?