Below you'll find my first set of several CCSU sports posts. Now that the season is ready to go, you'll find this blog full of news, opinions and answers.

But before that, I wanted to say this. I wasn't nearly as close to Dave Solomon as many other writers who knew him much longer were. Those who were able to call him a friend have written extensively and eloquently about him this week.

I simply wanted to add one note. When I was first starting out in this business, one of the ways I gauged who was a nice guy was by finding out who took the time to learn/remember my name when I was a cub reporter for a relatively small paper.

Dave Solomon remembered my name despite the fact that neither stature or circumstance would ever require him to do so. Yes, the roster of Connecticut sportswriters now has a big hole in it. But the world has lost a nice man. That's a much bigger deal.

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  1. Yes, there are a few good people that are not recognized. Dave left a mark because he was able to remember you name.