I'll be meeting with Paul for our hopefully annual extended summer interview, so send me questions you want answered to


  1. I'd rather not be credited for any questions. So, here they are:
    1) When will photos be posted to the CCSU sports facilities page that show the progress of the athletic fields?
    2) What's the reason we do not hear updates or teasers during the summer, as well as the rest of the year, that tell us what athletes might be coming to CCSU?
    3)What will be the capacity of the new stands at Arute Field?
    4)Once the athletic fields are completed, will your attention turn to planning and starting a campaign to fund a field house and an attached 8,500 seat basketball/convocation hall? (Yes, I know that the fields must be completed first and we don't know what the economy and the state of state universities in CT will be.)
    5) Will the new track be a very good surface, an excellent surface, a good surface or a passable one.

  2. A good time to mention that I will be asking Paul the questions, so you don't have to leave your name on them.
    I usually ask them as "a bunch of questions from the fans" or something like that, so no worries.