Ok, a little later than I had intended because I wrote many stories for the paper, which I hope you'll read, but here's a look at some of the "extra" boxes I often do. We'll do this in a post for each soccer team (volleyball to come later).

Blue Devil Breakdown
What to watch for:
1) Hi, my name is: With more than a dozen new faces, the early part of the year will be about introductions as much as goals. The players truly seem to be enjoying each other's company, however.

2) Finish the job: The men just couldn't score last year. That makes it difficult to win games.

3) Growth: Coach Shaun Green admits that he is hoping to have the team really cranking by next year, but don't think this is a lost season. How the Blue Devils improve will play a big part in gaining momentum for next year.

Games to watch
Tonight vs. Vermont: The opener is always fun. Should be a nice house over at Willow Brook.

Sept 18 at Albany: For some reason, when CCSU and Albany get together, it's usually a good game regardless of sport. I'd watch their chess clubs face off.

Oct 7 vs. RMU: The first home game in a month. We should know where the Devils stand after they try and grow up together on the road.

Oct 30 at FDU: Because I'm still cranky about that whole replay thing, and not because it affected Central.

Nov. 4 vs.: SFNY: Senior Night.

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