Back on board with the blog and plenty to be optimistic about if you're a fan of Blue Devil football. I spent the last couple of days at practice, and there's plenty of good things to report.

First, a quick plug: we will have a story on the team every day this week in the Herald. I'm excited. The team has some buzz around it, so we'll do what we can to match that with the best coverage we possibly can provide. Hope you'll like it.

The offense seems to be in good form. There are plenty of running options, starting with Brian Fowler, and quarterback Gunnar Jespersen bristled when I implied that the receiving corps had question marks. He even said it could be better than last year's unit.
So we'll see.
No one disputes the offensive line will be good, so Central should be able to push defenses back and run the ball, and pass enough (if Gunnar is right) to keep fronts from loading the box.

There is youth on defense, but enough familiar names that the team should be able to get by. The key is creating enough of a pass rush that the secondary doesn't have too much pressure applied to it, at least early in the season. Let them get their feet wet before we expect too much from that group.

As I said, we'll talk a lot more about the year ahead as the week goes on, I just wanted to give you some initial thoughts. Overall, I fully expect Central to win the NEC. Expect its offense to grind some teams down. If the Blue Devils can avoid giving up quick strikes the other way, I expect to be on a plane to somewhere in about three months.

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