One more on this subject

Before I stop ranting about this particular topic, on which I'm quite right.

Here's a story from about the kid from Rider who's turning heads. The writer takes a shot at Monmouth's Dungeon (I know those exercise bikes all too well), but note what the kid says about why he chose Rider."

"Before his senior season in high school, Thompson chose Rider over schools like Monmouth and Central Connecticut for its proximity to his Mount Laurel, N.J., home and the chance to contribute right away. He then led Lenape High School to a state championship."

Nothing about not liking Boylan or Detrick.

Here's the link:

Some give and take

I love that people are reading the blog, even if they're disagreeing with me.
But to those who think appearance is everything, let me remind you that it's the players that win, not the building.
For instance, Sacred Heart's building is 10 years old, and while it's a fine building, it's not exactly the new Prudential Center. The Pitt Center isn't why the Pioneers are on the way up, it's a good coach with a bunch of good players.
Have you ever been to FDU and Monmouth? Again, I don't mean to turn this post into the ripping of other buildings, but it's not like the success those teams have had in recent years is because they've played in palaces.
Are CCSU's facilities as nice as some other places? Absolutely not. Does it help to show a shiny building to a recruit? Yes. Are these the determining factors in what teams are good and which aren't? No. That was my point.
As for me being an apologist... I don't think being honest makes you an apologist. Quite the opposite. Heck, I'd love to tell you that the Blue Devils are building a new 20,000 seat building and that every ticket had been sold for it. But instead I'm the guy who often says on here that fans don't show up enough to many Central events. I'm also the one that often says that a move to the A-10, AE or something like that isn't even on the radar from everything I've ever heard.
Something could happen with football if the auto-qualifier thing doesn't happen, but I'd be stunned if Central were out of the NEC for everything else in 2012. Stunned.
Gampel helped UConn, but if they didn't have Chris Smith, Cliff Robinson and Tate George, it wouldn't have mattered what building they were in.
Come to some games, and remember the advice players often get from coaches: stay within yourself.

Couple quickies

1) Can't really judge anything from today's game, too many illnesses and injuries. Simmons' shoulder doesn't sound bad, hopefully he's back by Thursday. As for the flu, at least now I know where I got sick! Stay off campus if you can for a few days, something's going around.
You have to like the effort though. They just ran out of gas.

2) BigBlueFan: Saw your post, we'll just have to agree to disagree, though history tends to side with me I still say.

3) To get to Ryan's blog, go the and click the blog section.

A little perspective people!

Look, I'm not necessarily an apologist, I'll point out what needs to be fixed (check just a few posts ago and some of the stories I wrote early in the season when Central couldn't score) but some of the fine folks over on the message boards are going a little wild.

Some points:
1) Great job by whoever did all that digging on the heights of NEC teams, but keep something in mind. Depending on the school and/or sport, listed heights can vary from accurate to close to almost completely made up.
Also, weights (and even sometimes heights) change. Ken Horton for example has gained more than 10 pounds this season. Kids can grow an inch, especially as freshmen/sophomores.
The main point is, while I'm not saying it's true about any specific player at any specific school this season, it's been my experience and that of others I've spoken to in the business that those listed sizes aren't exactly gospel. I know I've certainly looked at my notes from visiting teams and said to whoever was next to me, "there's no way that kid is 6-8."

2) There's really not that much difference between a couple of inches if both players are skilled. 6-9 is different than 6-5, yes, but a 6-6 kid can guard a 6-8 kid. Heck, Obie guarded kids much bigger than him all the time. I know he's a special example, but if you box out, you can do your job and battle against a guy a couple of inches bigger than you. Watch David Simmons and ask yourself if those couple of inches matter.
Those UMass kids were big AND really good, that's the difference. That's a team getting votes in the AP poll... a different level than what a young CCSU team is ready for in December.

3) As for all this drama about what sounds almost like the downfall of Central basketball... Remember the good old days, when the Blue Devils went 19-2 down the stretch and rolled through the league? Oh yeah, that was NINE MONTHS AGO.
Relax, enjoy the holidays, and know that you have one of the most respected coaches in the region running your ship. He didn't forget how to recruit since March. Give these eight guys he's brought in more than two months before you pass judgement. Maybe none of them will ever pan out, we don't know, but don't go crazy because someone else got a big kid.

4) The Arena: The last time we did a big Q and A with the fans like I'm trying to arrange now, C.J. confirmed that one isn't coming. Would it be nice? Of course. But what would you rather have: A shiny new building like QU just built, or the shiny NEC title banner Central just raised? Remember that it's not how pretty the package is, it's what's in it that matters. Would a new one help recruiting? It wouldn't hurt, but kids in large part go with a coach or program.

Saturday's stuff

We'll have a preview of the men's game Sunday either in the paper or on here this weekend, as well as a little feature on Javy, who's in town this week from Romania.
Saturday I'll see the women's team, which is starting to improve just in time for January. A notebook always remains possible... sorry things have been a little slow, I actually took a couple days off for Christmas!

Merry Christmas

First off, I wanted to say Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it and happy holiday season to everyone else. I hope, no matter what you call this time of year, that it was spent with loved ones and good times were had.

As for a couple of comments from yesterday.

1) Ryan's still blogging, he's just waiting for some juicy topics... you guys should give him some mail and questions like you do for me, that way he'll have more to talk about.

2) Check Central's history against UMass. There have been some big wins in recent years for the Blue Devils.

3) Central always looks for defense and rebounding first, which is why Simmons plays so much and Horton (who is a block machine who can also score.)

Answering a question

that was sent to me... this is just my personal observation, but I think Marcus isn't playing much because of the emergence of Simmons as a rebounder and Horton as a scorer. Palmer had a couple of nice outside shots last night, but he hasn't really turned into a banger inside yet (averaging just 3.3 rebounds a game). Especially in the second half, Central needed some help in the paint, not on the perimeter.
Again, this is just my opinion, but I think once he starts venturing closer to the basket, he could earn more time. Continuing to improve on the defensive end will also help his cause. I think he has potential, but remember, while he's not a freshman, he's still adjusting to his new surroundings just like the frosh are.

Before I forget

OK, last thing of the night before I crash, I'm exhausted. Just wanted to let you know that I'm hearing the same thing you guys read on the daily dish about the football schedule, and as soon as I can pin someone down on it I'll write it up. I get the feeling it's a little farther off than being ready to be annonced though, still in the planning stages, so it might be awhile.

For now I'll just say, as I did earlier, that you guys will like the schedule better (I think) this year.

Hello old friend

Javy was there tonight, I got the chance to talk to him a bit, then do a quick interview (I never forget you guys), and I'll write something up as soon as I can. For now I'll just say he's playing point (yes, POINT) for a team in Romania, making good money and seems happy. He also told me that Obie and Mr. Sobers are doing well also. There's even an Ingo update coming.

Thoughts on the trip and the loss

First off, I can't believe I get paid to ride with people I like, then watch a basketball game, then write about it, then ride home with the same bunch. What a country.
As for the game: I'll give Central more credit for playing as well as it did for as long as it did than I will blame for falling apart late. A young team gets in trouble in a tough environment, and things start to snowball quickly. In football they say the game "sped up" on a player.
The thing Central must do is learn from this. When you have so many young players, it takes time for them to realize that they can in fact stop the bleeding. There were a couple of times in the first half when UMass went up 5 and Central came back to take the lead. The key is to get back in the game quickly. It's much easier to get a five-point hole back to even than it is an 11-point hole.
The second thing a young team needs a game like this to discover is the need to work a big deficit slowly, assuming there's time. A couple of times early in the second half Central got back to within seven or so. The Devils never finished closing the gap and paid for it later, but that's what young teams have a tough time adjusting to. Too often they'll try and make up the margin all at once, as though the 25-point basket from the old Rock N' Jock games on MTV is going to drop from the rafters and the lead can be regained in one shot. The fact that Central kept hanging around instead of totally changing its game was encouraging. Once it got out of hand the game changed, but I liked the effort.
That whole long rant simply means this: Central showed it has (or is on the way to having) some poise. It wasn't scared to play in the big building. It didn't wilt early in the second half when it couldn't score and the lead was growing. Only after UMass had delivered about the 11th knockout punch did Central finally fall over.
It was an encouraging night, especially since the team didn't sound mentally defeated afterwards. Even Coach D, as competitive a man as you'll meet, was calm after the game. The Blue Devils got smoked tonight, but they learned something that could pay huge dividends down the road. Remember this night if Central comes from 10 down in the second half of a tournament game... hmmmm a big loss to UMass showing the Blue Devils how to dig out of holes, and the lesson leading to a 10-point rally in March: sound familiar?

usual suspects

No big shakeup. The Iron Five appears intact. Though the Minutemen appear to have actually grown taller since the first round of warmups. They're kind of scary at first glance, from a basketball standpoint I mean.

Arrived Safely

What an interesting place. The Mullins Center is really as dark as it appears on tv, but after years of wondering I now know why. The lights here are all facing the court. That seems obvious, but most places have more lights covering the stands. That's why the seating areas seem dark here, because they're behind the lights for lack of a better word.
It's actually much like MSG (and to a lesser extent the dungeon of Monmouth).
I'm sitting literally on the midcourt line on the floor, can't have a better seat. Now hopefully the teams give us something good to watch.
Lineup might be shaken up. The monitors that usually list the starting 5 only have Tristan up. Everyone else is here, however. so it could just be that the UMass people only knew Tristan. I'll post if there's anything dramatic, but I'd expect any changes to be based on trying to matchup with the Minutemen's ridiculous size, not anything else. My goodness this UMass team is tall.

A big test

Just getting ready to ship out and head to the Mullins Center... kind of excited because I've never been there.
Also excited because this should be a fun game. While Central is a big underdog, both teams will want to push, which should make it entertaining. Can Central's defense do enough to keep it in the game? The longer they can hang in with their defense, the better the Blue Devils can fare.
Also, they'll have to shoot well again. Not 65 percent like the other night, but well enough to keep it close if it becomes a shootout.
Expect the same lineup, but if anything changes I'll let you know ASAP


A few thing I haven't seen discussed much I thought I would touch on.

1) Joey Henley was granted a sixth year by the NCAA and will play basketball again next year. I don't have a problem with that move, the kid was legitimately injured, and the rule actually might motivate kids to go to grad school. I think it's a win-win.

2) Albany got housed by Dayton in the Gridiron Classic. That league must have been pretty good, because Albany impressed me when I saw them.

Shameless plug

Ok, this isn't totally CCSU related, but bare with me a moment. On Wed. the Herald releases its season All-Herald teams, but this year we're doing it in a special section and adding player and coach of the season awards.
There's lots of info on kids from the area, including kids who will be playing college sports in the region for the next four years (including a piece on a girl from Plainville heading to Fairfield written by yours truly).
So forget the recruiting services... if you want to know about the best talent from the New Britain area, check the Herald Wednesday.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled Blog Central.
Tomorrow I'll mention an old bit of news that I never heard discussed around here, and a nugget or two from around the NEC.

more on the tourney that isn't

It seems like I've struck a nerve with my little tournament idea. I wish I remembered why it popped in my head. Anyway, HCC was probably a pipe dream... maybe it would have to be at UofH or something.
As for the media exposure, arrange it on a day when UConn isn't playing (or at least on a day when it's not playing a ranked foe) and the media is ALL OVER that day. Yes, it would be a one-day pop, but it would be fun.
As far as the media taking note of "other schools,"... I'll refer you to a couple of blogs during football season on the subject. Here I'll just say... build it and they will come. The media goes where the crowds are, not vice versa. Clamor for coverage and it will be there.
Hey, take me for example. I learned how to blog for you people! :)

Random thought

Let me start by making sure to be very clear: What you're about to read is NOT EVEN RUMORED TO BE TRUE. As far as I know, it has never even been discussed. It's NOT HAPPENING, at least anytime soon.

Ok, that said. I don't know what got me thinking about this, why I thought it was a good idea, or how the subject came up, but I was thinking about a tripleheader at the Civic Center. Something I've roughly titled the NEC vs. Connecticut challenge.
(Yes, I know UConn is in the state, but I'm forgetting them because this needs and even number of teams and they're a level above.)

Anyway, would you pay maybe 50 bucks (we need to get the building for the day and make money for this to work) for this tripleheader?

1 p.m.: CCSU vs. Yale
4 p.m: Sacred Heart vs. Fairfield
7 p.m: Quinnipiac vs. Hartford

Again, this isn't even remotely based on anything real, I just thought it'd be fun to kick around for a minute.

GPA is better than RPI

One of the things that I like most about covering college athletics is when I get to meet kids who combine great skill with great smarts. What follows is from CCSU's website, and it sums up what I'm talking about perfectly.
"Central Connecticut State women's soccer earned its sixth consecutive NSCAA/adidas Team Academic Award. The Blue Devil program maintained a 3.17 GPA during the 2006-07 academic year."
My GPA never approached 3.17, and the only sport I played in college was NBA Live.


Nice win by the women this week. Dugan is becoming a very nice player. She does a little bit of everything. The Blue Devils have some scorers, and if they're executing, they'll get some wins.

Curb your enthusiasm

Sorry about the delay, but I've been working on a few things for the paper and had TONS of office work to do last night after the game.
As for the win over the Fightin' Blue Hens.... well they ran into the Runnin' Blue Devils, didn't they?
Howie told the opposing coach after the game that he caught them on their best day, and he was right. My bold prediction: If Central shoots better than 60 percent all season, it could win a national championship. :)
Of course, Central won't be that hot all year, that was a special day. Kudos to all of those who made the trip in the ice. I know the coach appreciated it, and I'm sure the players did as well.
I think there are many good signs to come out of the last two games, and I think this is a much more confident team than it was even two weeks ago.
Once you get a couple of good wins, you start thinking you can do it again. My only caution is not to expect things like Sunday to happen all the time. Just like I'll caution you not to panic if things don't go perfectly during this next road stretch.
I do like that a rotation has developed. I think the "iron five" as coach called them after UMBC is the starting lineup (barring injury) from here on out. Of course, I've been wrong about 323 times about that sort of thing already this season.
As for the person who wants to end the weave.... every team has a system. UConn has run that curling kind of play since I was about 12.
The key for this team, in my humble opinion, is energy. That manifests itself in a few ways. The biggest are aggresiveness on defense and pace. If Central forces teams to rush on offense and gets steals, that helps. The second part of that is the pace of the game. It's dangerous for a young team, but Central seems to look better when it's trying to get numbers and getting either to the basket or an open jumper quickly.
A couple of feature/notebook things coming this week, plus more blogs now that I have some time!

What's on tap

Interesting little feature I put together coming soon on players who kind of personify Central basketball: Tough, not necessarily big in size, but big in heart. Not the most natural scorers, but people who fill the stat sheets.
I won't spoil who they are, but if you figure one person on each team, it should be easy to pick.

Women are at Stony Brook tonight. Man would it be nice to see them get a win and start rolling before NEC play kicks into full gear, but for now (and for this year really) the idea is simply to get better.

Couple of more games coming before the holidays (I'm gonna try like heck to get to UMass), so I'll try and keep your thirst for all things Devils filled with some features and notes.


What a performance. The best win of the season, perhaps the best effort of the year. A brilliant start by the Blue Devils was capped by a big finish.
There was quite a shaky stretch in the middle, but it's hard to expect a team this young to be solid for 40 minutes straight.
What to take out of this win?
1) Central can beat good teams. The talent is there. UMBC had a cold night and Barbosa was banged up, but the Blue Devils belonged on the court with the opposition.
2) Stability is a wonderful thing. Shemik and Tristan seem to be the backcourt of choice, and David Simmons has done more than enough to take a role in the frontcourt along with Horton. The third guard/small forward role might change, but those four are set for the time being.
3) Defense. If Central can defend at this level all season, it can figure out ways to score enough points to win.

Going for offense

It's Tristan, Shemik, Joe, Ken and Simmons in the lineup tonight. Let's see if smallball pays off.

Thoughts on the start of NEC play

Wow, where to start.
Ok, first, the Sacred Heart game. Central, as Howie put it best, wasn't going to win that game if it had gone on until Christmas.
The Pioneers, at least at this stage in the season, are too big, too versatile, and too experienced for the Devils.
The Mount was a different story. Central bore down on defense, got tough on the boards and battled all night long. The Blue Devils just lack players who can provide consistent scoring. Three years from now, I'm convinced Ken Horton will be a player. I think Palmer has potential, and could find his niche by February. I like that Joe is adding more dimensions to his game and doesn't seem to mind playing any role.
All that however, won't lead to wins unless someone can take the round orange thing and put it through that red cirlce with the net on it.
There were some prime examples of the lack of luck and execution on Central's behalf on Saturday. Simmons' trip into the lane in the final minute showed his tenacity, and he ended up getting an extra point out of the deal, but if he'd made the dunk, Central might have had time to foul at the end after Shemik's three.
As for those critical of the press after Simmons' play... MSM was good at the line, and I'm siding with the four-time coach of the year on this one.
I don't know if this was his reasoning, but here's mine for playing it that way. Central, if it got the steal, only needed to score once. If you foul, then they make free throws, you might have to score twice as the game goes on and you're doing the whole foul-score-foul thing. The fewer possessions Central needs this year, the better. Besides, if Tristan gets the steal, which he darn near did, coach looks like a genius.
The second one was a bright spot for Simmons, worked his tail off, as exemplified by his saving a ball in the paint and baseball passing it ahead to Dannie. I like Dannie in the lineup, I think it spreads out the duties and helps on defense, but he'll have to show he can score a little to earn that role consistently.
In the end, I think Central's best chance to turn this around for this season is to win defensive struggles. If Central can stop the opposition, it won't need tons of points. And if the others can do just enough to get Tristan going, I think the Blue Devils have seven or eight NEC wins in the 60's in them.
But until someone else steps up and scores, and until the Blue Devils show they can defend on a regular basis, there is much work to be done. Let these last few non-league games become a final training camp.
Then the real fun begins.

Technology stinks

I just spent 20 minutes spilling all my thoughts on the weekend, but it didn't make it up for some reason. I'll try again in the morning.
For now I'll leave you with the crux of my thoughts: Central just can't catch a break, but the Blue Devils have to create some breaks.
Making a layup or short-range shot will greatly help.

Early lineup

Thanks to Bruce, who already spoke with Coach: Dannie, Shemik, Tristan, Simmons and Horton sounds like the first five tonight.... but that's early. Could be a change before now and gametime. If there is I'll let ya know.

Final preparations

Heading over to Detrick now to get ready for the start of NEC play. I'll post any lineup changes as soon as I get them, but I expect to see Dannie, Tristan, Ken Horton and Marcus in there. I think it's that 5th spot that could rotate a bit.

Remember, get out on the shooters. That's the key. If you're not there tonight, every time you hear Bruce say the words "open three" and it's someone in red taking the shot, that's very bad news.

That's the big key tonight, along with no turnovers, good rebounding and good pace.

Let's do this.

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper

Bonus points to anyone who gets the reference.
Since he was so helpful and classy during the last four years, I thought I'd take a special occasion to pass along a message from Andrew Cooper.
He made a "public" thank you after the loss to UMass, but I wanted to make sure it was truly public.

"I would just like to take this time to say thank you to Central Connecticut State," he said. "The people of the admissions department and all of the people who have helped me."

"Coop" was a bulldog. I'll remember always hearing him exhorting the team on, during good times and bad.
"Let's go boys, yeah? Pick it up." "30 minutes boys." Things like that.
He always talked, win or lose, and he always led.

Between his leadership and Jonathan Agbatar's skill, Central has two big holes to fill next year. But the Blue Devils have tons of freshmen capable of stepping up and filling those shoes.

And we go

OK, it's usually a soccer term, but it applies for Thursday night. Central and Sacred Heart will both look to score tonight, so shooting well and taking good, patient shots will be key.
If the Blue Devils can get out on the run, they'll be in good shape offensively. If Sacred Heart can get the ball into the hands of its shooters, it will be in good shape.
Central has shown that it can defend, but will need its best effort of the year at that end of the floor come Thursday. If Dannie Powell plays as well as he did on Saturday and Tristan Blackwood is his usual self, Central should be just fine in the battle of the backcourts.
With Shemik and Joe providing lifts off the bench (assuming the same lineup as Saturday), Central should be able to match the Pioneers' energy.
It may not have the luster of the last matchup, but this is pretty interesting nonetheless.

Hoops recruits

Coach Dickenman gave us some thoughts on the three newcomers for next season today... Shimeek Johnson (I'm going to have name issues next year, I can tell already) is 6-6 and versatile player, an inside-outside type.
He's one of the highest-regarded players Central has ever recruited, but rankings from high school don't mean much... it's what he does at Detrick Gym that Blue Devil fans will be interested in.

So to review, next year Central will have Shimeek Johnson, Shemik Thompson, and Tamir Johnson.

Robby Ptacek (did I mention I'll have trouble with names next year?) is a shooter. He's very strong and is active defensively. but he'll be young chronologically when he arrives in New Britain.

Chris Baskerville is a guy state hoops fans know. A tough kid, and from what coach was saying today, a real good kid.

But that's for another day. I'll have thoughts on the Sacred Heart game tomorrow.

not tonight after all

I have some quotes and a couple stories I want to share with you to wrap up soccer season but I left my tape on my desk. So hopefully we can do all that tomorrow.

Quick thoughts

I have to help get the paper out, so I'll post a bunch of things tonight when I get home, but wanted to leave you with 2 quick thoughts for now.

1) The field was a joke. It was brutal. It was the first time in my nearly 30 years in one that my chair didn't sink into grass. I couldn't tell the difference under me between the blacktop and the field. That's no good.
But, with that said, and while I think the NCAA ordering the game to go on despite everyone at the game telling them not to was a hideous call, Blue Devil fans can't blame the weather. The field was ice when UMass had the ball, too. The Minutemen simply had the right shoes and the right amount of execution to weather the storm.
2) Great turnout. A Rudd Field record as I understand it, and there might have been more blue than Maroon in the stands. Considering the weather and the delay, it was an impressive showing. Blue Devil nation came through for this team throughout the tournament.

Hoop talk

I've been saying since I hinted at it in the season preview that I like Dannie and TB3 (my shorthand for Tristan's triples in my notes during games that I always thought would be a cool nickname for him) is my favorite backcourt option. Shemik would be a nice spark off the bench, and Joe has shown (at least to me) that he's OK with the move to an instant offense kind of guy. He was also full of life tonight, grabbing 8 boards.
I'd like to see coach stay with this setup, but he's much smarter than I am, so if he doesn't he has a good reason.
The battle for playing time among the bigs will sort itself out. The real key to the season, in my opinion, is finding the right mix on the perimeter.

One other thought: It might be two games from now or two years from now, but I have a feeling I'll be writing the name Ken Horton a lot in the future. Some guys play basketball, others are basketball players. Horton strikes me as the latter.

Some soccer notes

On Wednesday morning, Shaun Green was walking through the lobby of CCSU's hotel where he saw David Tyrie preparing. No, not for the game, but for a test he had on Friday.
The men's soccer team hasn't been in the classroom as much as usual over the last few weeks, but that doesn't mean they haven't been working hard to keep track of the real reason they're at CCSU.
"Our professors have been very understanding and very happy for the team," Yan Klukowski said. "I think the majority of us are doing quite well."
The Blue Devils have also handled newfound fame well. There's been tons of media attention besides just me in recent days, but the team has been most touched by the outpouring of well wishes from students and staff.
"It's been nice to come back to," Tyrie said of the support. "It's fantastic that the school has taken that much of an interest. I don't think it's had time to sink in though, because it's one day and right back into another hotel."
So remember Blue Devil fans, these guys are students, and they are fighting off the need for one heck of a nap thanks in part to the support they get from their fellow students. I won't say they deserve a win more than UMass, which I'm sure works just as hard, but I know these kids deserve congratulations and support.
If half the people who've told me they'll come if the weather's OK make the trip, then there will be tons of support.

Inspiration: Klukowski watched the men's basketball team win the NEC tournament last March and knew what he wanted to do. So in the spring he began training harder than ever, running hills. He remembers the "sweat freezing to my back."
"I thought to myself, I want a piece of this," Klukowski said of that night in March.
He's got it now. The Blue Devils are NEC champs, but they now have the chance to reach a goal they didn't even dare dream before a couple of weeks ago.
Green watched that basketball game as well, and decided at that moment to dedicate himself even more towards having one of his own. But if you know Green, you know he's never been afraid to have big dreams.
"Is is likely that we'll win the national championship? Probably not," he said. "But as long as we're alive we have that possibility. Even if it's just a two percent chance, there's still a chance until someone knocks us out."
There's a pretty good chance that Sunday will be a special day in Amherst and New Britain.

New lineup

Just learned that Dannie Powell is expected to start at the point. I like it, I'm a big believer in getting as many ballhandlers out there as possible. The Mountain Hawks are big though. This could be tough.
Let's do this.

Weekend plans

Spent Friday working on the soccer preview, hence no recent blogging. I wrote an in-depth preview for the paper, and I'll have a nice sidebar that reminds us of who these kids really are before the game that I'll post here on the blog.

I'll squeeze in some thoughts on hoops too, but as up-and-down as this group of freshman (as expected) has been, I firmly maintain that we won't know much about this team until January.