Hoops sked 1

Will update this later, but wanted to take JJ's question.
It looks like 10 regular season non-league games if I count right, I think last year there was an exemption allowing them to play an extra one, I'm about to ask, so I'll hope to have some more answers soon on a bunch of things.

For now I'll say it's a nice in-between schedule. We'd all love one more big name on there, but remember that it takes two to tango. If other people think CCSU is going to be better this year (as I do) then they won't be excited to play the Devils. Central would love to play a winnable game from the middle of a good conference, but those teams have to have incentive to play CCSU.

Use Providence as an example: If they win, they don't get much credit, as they beat an NEC team. If Central wins, the Friar fans go crazy, not knowing the individual talent level of a team and just seeing the name and the league it comes from.

A couple more things

In case you missed it, here's the hoops out of conference opponents: Fairfield, Savannah St., Citadel, UNH, Albany, Holy Cross, UMBC, Colgate and Northwestern.

Farifield is at the C6C, and Holy Cross, last I knew, was slated to be part of a doubleheader, probably at Mohegan.

Some other things I think I know:

Albany I believe is here, and I think the same thing about UMBC.

The Colgate game is defiitely on the road on Jan. 4, at least according to Colgate's schedule.

Sv. St. is an independent team that lost to Longwood last year, but plays anyone, anytime, anywhere. Still, should be a win.

If I remember right UNH was here last, so that game could be up in Hockey East country. This is based on nothing but a guess, but I think Northwestern and the Citadel are part of a tournament.

Overall, it's another good non-conference slate. Albany and Holy Cross are good "local" games, as is the C6C. Northwestern is a big-name team that isn't a Top 10 team, so Central could be competitive on its best day. UMBC is an old rival, and everyone wants more games against the America East. So, while I always like a BC or UConn (I thought this was a perfect year for the 2 to meet), this is a fun non-league schedule.

Is it hoops season yet?

Scrimmage thoughts

First off, good to see so many friendly faces again. Glad to be back in the swing of things.

Some football scrimmage thoughts:

1) Good turnout: I saw a good number of people before I went upstairs, and Mac and the athletic dept. might just have this ball rolling after all.

2) Go deep!: The Blue Devil offense is moving in directions we haven't seen before: forward. Nick looks ready to have a huge senior season, and he and Hunter are starting to click. But the key is Aubrey. I'll have much more on both he and the offense later this week, but his willingness to move around not only was a team-first move (he suggested it to MAC from what 2 people told me), but it gives them a host of new dimensions. He can take snaps (he threw a pair of beautiful balls Thursday), he can go wide and become a big receiver, he can go in the slot and make short-yardage plays, and he can run a host of reverses and halfback pass plays that are impossible to prepare for.
Also, Hunter looked comfortable. Looking forward to talking to him more as the season goes along about how he is growing into his role.
However, before everyone who comments on this blog gets too giddy, the 2 QB system is NOT dead. Mac made it very clear today he plans on playing both, but there won't be as many plays with Aubrey off the field.

3) Old school: Central was effective with the run no matter who carried the ball, a product of talent in the backfield and an intact, veteran offensive line. Granted I haven't seen them play against anyone but themselves this summer, but the Devils look like they can do it all offensively.

4) Questions remain: The defense still has some things to figure out, but looked better as the scrimmage wore on Wednesday. This is the side of the ball I still have questions about. Can the Devils get to the QB and can the contain receivers?
We'll find out in 10 days or so.

Questions? Comments?

Checking in

First off, what do you think of the new look? We got a new host or whatever it's called, so we decided to mix it up a little.
Any comments on the blog, or questions for Q and A type stuff, or to tell me how much I stink, write me at mstraubblog@hotmail.com

Big story up on the defense today, namely a couple of NB guys who will be big pieces of it. I think the defense will be the key to the season. It's the side of the ball with holes to fill from last year and with young guys who will need to step up.
I like the front 7, and I think the LBs are going to be active and exciting. Need to know more about the secondary, but that group could make or break the year, especially with an aggressive LB corps who will look to take more chances this year.

Poll stuff

Much more to come in the next week, just wanted to check in with some poll thoughts.
No surprises at the top, with CCSU positioned right at a strong third. The weird thing about this season is that I could see it going both ways. I could see CCSU winning the two big home games and taking control of the league, and I could see them dropping those two again and getting deflated and dropping a road game or two.
The Devils could win the league or be fourth. We'll have to wait and see. Much more to come, full preview included. Can't believe the season is here.
Btw, women's soccer has a scrimmage Thursday vs. my Huskies. We'll have to see how that goes. I'm going to try and stop by, I know the NU coach from my days at the News and I want to see how the Devils are looking, especially on offense.

And we're back.

First off, I hope all of you had a wonderful summer. I got in my first real vacation in....gosh, years probably, and I'm refreshed and excited for fall sports at CCSU.
Did you miss me? :)
First, a selfish plug: Great job by the Berlin American Legion team, especially the shortstop!
Ok, but you guys want to hear about football, so let's get into it. Because I was following my nephew's team I didn't get to football until this week, but talked to tons of people at practice today and observed for awhile.
So here's what I know, with the footnote that I'll learn much more between now and opening kick.
Granted, I watched some of one practice, but I did notice a couple changes. Not only was CCSU throwing the ball more, but the Devils looked comfortable doing it. I plan on doing a lot more on the offense, but I would say this for now: I think they plan on implementing portions and principles from the Florida offense, I don't think you'll see them running it exclusively.
I will talk to Hunter more about being "the" quarterback as the summer goes on, but I can see he just seemed like it today. It's one of those intangible things, but that's the vibe I got. Much more on Aubrey to come, but I will say he was giving instructions and being a leader, so however he gets used, his attitude is great. Which matches what everyone told me. In fact, I'll scoop myself here, as I'll have a full story on this soon, but I have it on good authority that he asked to play multiple positions. We'll see how he's used, but I think he'll see some snaps at QB too.
The biggest change I noticed was the vibe. CCSU has (I have to check but I think the number is 16) returning starters, and it acted like it. This is an experienced group that is working on the little things more than the basics, a great sign. The players I talked to are dreaming of a playoff berth, not just a NEC title. We'll see what happens.
Until then, gimme questions at mstraubblog@hotmail.com and tell me what you want asked or looked for and I'm on it.