One tidbit

Here's one I haven't heard anywhere, so I think it's new news.
UMass men coming TO Detrick next season.
Gotta be a return from when CCSU went there?

Darius update

A VERY good source not with CCSU told me that CCSU is still in play for Darius Watson. We'll see.

Mail time

Some stuff I'm catching up on:

Q: Can you give us some insight or your opinion on the NEC MBB head coaching changes the last few weeks? How do they affect the NEC and will these changes leave the NEC weaker or do you see new hires (such as the for ACC player Hurley at Wagner) improving the conference?

A: It's a mixed bag. Rice is obviously a terrific coach, so his loss will hurt RMU. But if he did as good a job moving the program up as people think, the structure might be in place to keep it going. Though the really interesting thing will be to see if the players all stay there now. That's why the move could have a huge impact.
Anyone who has read this blog knows my feeling for Milan Brown, I thought he was a magnificent coach. Much like Howie, he just gets his teams to fight like crazy every night. We'll see what happens there now.
The Wagner move could be HUGE. Will high level players want to go there? Maybe not, if if anyone can get good players to Staten Island, it's the Hurleys. We'll know more there in a couple of years. The other moves we'll know their impact more immediately I think.

Q: On the football side, is there an article coming about the new assistant football coaches and how it will impact the face of CCSU football?

A: Yes. During training camp.

Q. I was asked about the similarities between the SBU expansions and CCSU's setup. Paul agreed to talk to me for a long sitdown once he gets settled in, probably late May. I promise that's one of the ones I will ask.

Speaking of which, if there's any questions you want me to ask Paul, let me know.

Catching up

Hey guys. Bad blogger dissappeared again. My apologies.
Spring is tough, doing more high schools tuff with Ken doing the Rock Cats, and I also took my first vacation in years this month. Man was that fun.
Going to catch up with the baseball team this weekend.
A couple of the hoops questions I can answer for you, though I usually wait till the summer to bother will all this because recruits can come and go at this level at the drop of a hat.
The last I had heard about recruiting it was the same names we always heard.... Justin is coming, Allen is coming and Brickhouse. A little birdie also told me about a wing from Chicago, but I honestly haven't learned any more about that yet with all the other stuff going on. Will do so in the weeks ahead.
But again, I wouldn't worry about this stuff until MUCH closer to the season, it changes a lot, at least it can.
Btw, the one player who I told you was thinking about transferring is still around the program, so he's either still thinking about it or decided not to. Will check into it as the summer goes.
On a related note... was told by someone not associated with Central that the thing with Darius is that he's looking for a full scholarship and CCSU wanted him to walk on and eventually earn one.
Will see what happens. Also heard that Hartford was back in on him as well. We'll see.