CCSU's men's basketball at Northwestern recap

Finally have a cpu and a few minutes to write.
If moral victories exist, this was one for the Blue Devils on Saturday. Central played at a Big Ten team, played two halves, and was one stop from a chance to win it.
Most importantly, the Blue Devils are healthy again, which bodes well as January and the "real" season approaches.
The one thing I'd say is CCSU has to close halves better. That's twice where a Big Ten team got momentum with a big play at the end of the half. But all in all, Central should feel good about itself after this one.
Let's see who is feeling the best by playing man-to-man.

Joe Efese: Very strong on the glass, but couldn't finish his shots. It was a theme for the day.

Ken Horton: 3-of-5 from 3-point range, 3-for-9 from two. He said it after the game, the Blue Devils left points on the table. That said, everything else was spectacular. 11 rebounds, five assists and five steals against the Big Ten's leading scorer. Active and aggressive, this is exactly how he needs to play if CCSU is around in March. Heck, even before that. If he even goes 6-for-9 from two we're talking about a 21, 11, 5 and 5 night.

Kyle Vinales: Yes he shoots a lot, but he doesn't take many bad shots at all, and he makes a high percentage of them. And he's going to get better. Horton, assuming continued good health, is going to break the scoring record next month, but you almost wonder if he'll have it four years from now.

Malcolm McMillan: I'm fine with a point guard who doesn't score, but he has to do other things if he doesn't. McMillan has done those things this year, but didn't Saturday.

Robby Ptacek: Couldn't get much going offensively. Stayed out there for 38 minutes, showed toughness, but couldn't get much on the board.

Adonis Burbage: It's funny, as soon as CCSU gets healthy, the Blue Devils shorten the bench. Hard to make an impact in three minutes, so we'll give him a pass.

De'Angelo Speech: The important thing is he's on two feet and getting closer to making a big impact again. CCSU could use the defensive help and the athleticism.

David Simmons: Came in, committed a foul, sat down, watched Efese play. A different game than the last time he played a Big Ten team.

Terrell Allen: Two blocks and some work on the boards in 13 minutes that likely would have gone to Simmons otherwise.


  1. Main players needs to rest that is the reason they can't finish strong on 2nd half. Playing 40 minutes straight is too long and there no energy to play man a man.

  2. Thank for the update and I'm agree what Anonymous said.

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