CCSU vs. Sacred Heart wrapup

Well it wasn't UNC-Kentucky, but it was pretty darn good. As entertaining a game as you will see at this level was full of debatable decisions, big runs, clutch shots and physical, emotional play. One of my favorite games to watch in person in a while. Some days I really love my job. Good rivalry game. Both teams showed some toughness and skill. Can't wait for the rematch.
So let's take a look at who played well in leading Central to one of the wildest victories it has had in some time.
Time to go man-to-man

Joe Efese: One of his best games as a Blue Devil. He's really been on an upswing of late, ever since that benching. He seems to have taken it to heart. He was making shots in the lane, grabbed some boards, played good defense and stayed out of foul trouble.

Ken Horton: Remember how I've been asking for the dominant Horton and not just the really good Horton? Well the best player in the league showed up Saturday afternoon. He became more than just a jump shooter again, even driving to the basket a few times. He was an aggressive rebounder. Probably a little too excited at times, leading to some turnovers, but an involved, aggressive effort. If he can have this kind of versatility on offense all year, he will be really tough to stop. Outside shots are nice, but a little bit of everything is even better.

Kyle Vinales: Couldn't make shots like he usually does, but served as a spark plug. My favorite part about his game is that, unlike shooters in the past for Central, Vinales finds ways to help when he can't find the basket. He got some boards, a few assists, and was a pest on defense. I'd like to see a few less shots when he's struggling, but it wasn't overkill by any means.

Malcolm McMillan: Not spectacular like Thursday, but solid. He managed five rebounds and played his usual fine defense. He, like Tim Tebow, is always useful because at the very least he avoids turnovers.

Robby Ptacek: Coach Howie Dickenman called him motivated after the Bryant game, and he showed it again Saturday. He seems intent on making the most of his senior season. Some unforced turnovers, including a travel, but for the most part there's nothing to complain about about his day. Huge shot at the end and an even better pass to help seal it. And when he's at the line, especially late, I usually just write down two free throws in my notes before he even finishes taking them.

Adonis Burbage: I really like this kid. His stats are never impressive, but good things just seem to happen when he's out there. He played really well late with McMillan out. Six boards and a steal in 19 minutes works every time.

Shelton Mickell: I just feel like he needs a breakout game to get his confidence up. He doesn't appear confident, which is a problem. But as soon as good things start happening, he'll get some confidence. He just needs to avoid stressing.

David Simmons: Five rebounds and he made his only shot. Will never be a scorer, but gave CCSU some toughness, which was needed in the kind of battle CCSU had last night.

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  1. Please dont ever compare Mcmillan to Tebow! Ha!