CCSU men's basketball vs. Bryant wrap

Usually I spend the first half looking for trends and strategy points to keep an eye on late. I'll write down a few plays, maybe a couple of good stats or a big run.
Tonight, I started writing my actual story with 15:57 left. In the first half.
There are times when a team gets out to an early lead and you know it just got hot, and that the game was far from over. And then there are times when a team gets out to an early lead because it is simply dominant compared to its opponent.
There was no way, at least on this night, that CCSU was losing that game. It was over four minutes in and really over when Central answered Bryant's first response with a big run of its own to break it open again. By the 5-minute mark, there was no hope for the Bulldogs.

And so, in a game that was over quickly, here's a quick version of man-to-man

Joe Efese: One half of the tag team that is the CCSU big man. He was energetic, tipping balls and being active on both ends. His stats didn't indicate it because he got a couple of quick hooks and a couple of fouls, but he was back to looking like he is capable of.

Ken Horton: I lose my right to whine that he takes too many outside shots when he goes 21 for 28 in two games. That's right, he is shooting 75 percent in the last five days. Scary stuff. Nine boards and three steals helped too.

Malcolm McMillan: 13 assists. The most by a Blue Devil since 2002. And he's a freshman. He is a non-factor in terms of scoring, but he can get everyone else involved.

Robby Ptacek: 20 points, 7-for-13 and 4-of-7 from three. Sometimes I don't need to say anything other than the stat line.

Kyle Vinales: Didn't make a lot of shots, but made big shots as CCSU was pulling away. Also has greatly cut down on the turnovers. I'm not ready to call him the next Tristan Blackwood yet, but he gets more impressive by the day.

David Simmons: Efese's tag team partner had nine points and nine boards, two steals and three fouls in 19 minutes. He certainly made the most of his time on the floor. Another energetic effort, something that can't be overstated on the road.

Adonis Burbage: Seems to be hitting his first bump in the road. He didn't do anything with the time he got, meaning he didn't get any more time.

Mark LaPorte: He got his shot up. Nice to see a kid who works hard earn a couple of minutes.

Terrell Allen: Somebody had to make free throws. I'd like to see him get to the line more. It's going to be interesting to see how the bigs have the minutes divided.

Shelton Mickell: Don't give up on this kid. He has talent. It will show. All he has to do is have the strength to wait it out.

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