CCSU Men vs. La Salle Wrap up

Well, that went poorly.
There are better players in the country than Ken Horton, but tonight we learned that there are few who are more valuable.
Before we go any further, Howie Dickenman said he'd be shocked if Horton missed the UMass game. So don't fret CCSU fans.

Still, even without Horton, tonight's game was putrid in the first half. Yes, Central came out with new vigor and showed pride in the second half, but if it had done that early, this might have been a game, even without Horton.
La Salle is very good, but Central looked, as I said in my story, lost. I think it was in part because of how close to the game the Horton injury became official. Still, defense was non-existent, rebounding was lax and the offense seemed disheveled.
Let's break it down by playing man-to-man, then move on to a happy holiday season.

Adonis Burbage: Other than a couple of turnovers, there wasn't much to dislike about his night, especially since he found out he was starting 40 minutes before the game. He's never going to be flashy, but I like the kid for some reason.

Joe Efese: He tried, but was just outsized inside. Still, if he can get 8 rebounds a night, all will be right with the world for Central.

Kyle Vinales: The defense was a little tighter on him without Horton around. Central will have to surround him with offense in the future to ensure he has the space to fire off those jumpers. I do like that he relies more and more on that little teardrop in the lane. Just showing he can drive will free up some outside shots for him because defenders will have to respect it.

Malcolm McMillan: For the second time this season, he showed toughness coming back in the game after taking a shot. Dickenman encouraged him to shoot more tonight, and he did. He didn't make them, but again, showing the willingness to forces the defense to play up a bit.

Robby Ptacek: I think Howie Dickenman was right, Ptacek was trying too hard. That said, there will be times this year where, especially as a senior, he is asked to take over. He didn't do it tonight.

David Simmons: His field goal percentage is skyrocketing. If he can figure out how to combine that with the games where he has big rebounding nights, suddenly he'd become a force. He's like a pitcher who has one pitch going on a given night.

Terrell Allen: Nothing wrong with his effort, just didn't do a ton.

Mark LaPorte: Missed an open jumper that would have given the fans something to cheer about on the way home.

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