As I said below about the men, there's a story in the paper (in fact another on Jewel Robinson either to come or already out), so check that for a full preview. Here's some thoughts I wanted to share however, breakdown style.

Blue Devil breakdown
What to watch for
1) Health: Central is full of quality players, but doesn't have the numbers it had last year. It needs to stay pretty healthy.

2) Youth movement: How does only two seniors sound? Can the young kids mature? They usually do in this program.

3) Ms. Jackson: Brittany Jackson being in front again should help the team score.

Games to watch
(NOTE: I'd have included Sunday's game at UConn, but there's no chance it gets played barring one of the great blown forecasts of all time. Though it could be rescheduled. )

1) Today at Army: Openers don't always tell us much, but this one might if CCSU looks good.

2) Sept. 2 Vs. Providence: A solid name opponent, though Central has shown it can hang with the Big East before.

3) Oct 9 vs RMU: Could be a big NEC home game. I will have to get up early.

4) Oct 16 vs. LIU: I THINK, and I stress think because I've been at this a while now, that CCSU teams are unbeaten in games I've covered on my birthday. Keeping that streak alive would be a nice feather in the Blue Devils' cap this year. If you're in the crowd, feel free to bring me cupcakes.

5) Oct 28 vs. Quinnipiac: A night game, senior night. And it could be a huge game. Should be a good atmosphere.

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