First, a quick thank you to everyone who read all the logo stuff. We had some room to blow it up in the paper and Brad did a great job with it, and I had some time to blog like crazy, and apparently you reacted. Also a thank you to ESPN's Paul Lukas, who also runs, which linked to my post and brought in some new traffic as well.

From all accounts the day went well for Central, and they did a nice job making a bit of an event out of the whole thing. I'll try and get an exclusive with the Devil once he has a name.

Speaking of getting an exclusive, remember to send me questions for when I sit down with Paul Schlickmann.

J.J., I'm going to comment on your comment in a second as opposed to making a new thread, so look down there in a second.

But as promised, a football note. I'm going to be writing more about Brian Fowler, who I caught up with at the logo unveiling, but for now this hint. He is totally over his shoulder worries. That first hit, while scary, was critical, as he now believes in his body again. CCSU's running game has a chance to be good, even by Blue Devil standards, this season. 

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