When Central plays defense to match its fantastic offensive potential, watch out.
The best defensive effort of the year gave CCSU a resounding victory over Robert Morris. A great effort by Malcolm McMillan on defense and Robby Ptacek on offense.
Let's play man-to-man.

Joe Efese: 4 rebounds in just 12 minutes of work, but he fits in nicely in the mix of big men Central has.

Ken Horton: 27 to go to the record. I can't remember ever seeing a more efficient scorer. I was talking to Bob Ryan (yeah, I know, I'm sorry, I had to name drop there) about Horton's game and I said, "what's he got, 15?" I looked at the monitor and he had 21 on 11 shots. He gets to the line but steps up when he needs to, and he manages to get it all done while grabbing boards and making sure he doesn't take shots away from Kyle Vinales or Robby Ptacek. He's really fun to watch. My only concern is that they HAVE to find him some rest. Whether it's De'Angelo Speech coming back or Adonis Burbage getting more minutes, Horton has to sit at some point.

Kyle Vinales: He gets out of bed, stands up and he's in scoring range. Underrated stat: Five assists and one turnover.

Malcolm McMillan: The real glue guy. A defensive whiz, a steadying force who had one turnover with five assists himself, he had a fantastic game. He will be a leader someday. The concern is that his shins are bothering him. Something to watch.

Robby Ptacek: He runs hot and cold, and right now he's hot.

Adonis Burbage: Central will need more from him going forward.

Shelton Mickell: Expect his minutes to go up as he continues to look more comfortable.

De'Angelo Speech: You're seeing flashes. Once he gets his legs (or feet more accurately) back under him, this team will look different. You saw some flashes Saturday.

David Simmons: He's all grown up. A more mature person and player. And he's starting to believe he can score.

Terrell Allen: A nice piece to have in the mix, even if he gave nothing but minutes Saturday.

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