Here's your unit breakdown of the game at Wagner. I gave you my overall thoughts earlier, so let's get right to the breakdown.

The Blue Devils ran the ball a lot more than they passed it, but it felt more balanced. Central doesn't NEED to run the ball this year, which seems to be a very good sign. Quarterback Gunnar Jespersen was solid, but he'll be the first to tell you he can be better. Having Raul Debenendittis becoming a big part of the offense again gives Central yet another threat. Six different players caught the ball, which is a big key to an effective offense.
Brian Fowler was back, getting more than 60 yards on 11 carries, better than 5 yards a carry. I can't decide if it's a good thing or bad that CCSU doesn't seem to have a dominant back yet. We'll see if two good ones are better than one great one.

What can you say about the defense I haven't said for three weeks now? Chris Linares and Tyrell Holmes were great and the secondary had five breakups and a pick. I don't get why the pass rush hasn't been there as I thought it would, but there's time for that develop. The secondary seems more than able to hold the fort when the passes come, so it hasn't hurt yet.

We're coming up on a big stretch of the season, so we'll see if the defense can improve and the offense continues to click. If so, it could be an exciting finish to the year for Blue Devils' fans.

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