CCSU FOOTBALL: FIrst thoughts after JMU loss

I'm sure I'll have more to say later, but a couple of things stand out.
One we won't know for a while, but we do know that one of two things is true: Central is either talented enough to play with the big boys this year or JMU is down. We'll have our answer in a couple of weeks.

The offense wasn't spectacular, but the running game appears to have been stronger and the defense answered a lot of questions, continuing what could be becoming a trend and making big plays at key times to keep the Blue Devils in the game. Fantastic effort on that end.

Assuming good health, I think Central can take a lot of confidence out of tonight. Even a down JMU team should  be better than the NEC teams, so CCSU should consider itself even more of a contender to win the league title.

If so, they will get another crack at someone like JMU.

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