Swamped here with many assignments, but wanted to make sure I mentioned a few things here.

1) Bristol's Tyrell Holmes, who had a big interception Saturday, was the NEC's rookie of the week this week. His pick deep in Central's own end in the third quarter helped Central slow Southern's momentum, at least for a while. As the game turned out, denying the Owls seven potential points might have prevented overtime in the opener.

2) Women's soccer freshman Rosie Maguire of Ireland earned the same honor in her sport,. She had two goals and an assists for Central, which knocked off Providence and lost a close one to Marist this week.

3) Katie Burkhart, probably the greatest pitcher in Arizona State history and a member of its 2008 national championship team, for which she was the NCAA Tournament MVP, is joining CCSU's coaching staff. While she has no collegiate coaching experience, her credentials would appear, on paper at least, to make her a great hire for coach Jeff Franquet.
Some great players don't make great coaches (look up Ted Williams, Magic Johnson and any great hockey player as coaches), but Franquet knows her well and the move seems worth a shot if nothing else.

4) Hoping to have an answer for you on Gunnar Jespersen's status tomorrow.

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