So my plan was to do these Mondays, since Sundays don't seem to work for anyone, but then I remembered that Mondays don't work well for me. So while I work out some kinks in the blog schedule, let's talk for a couple of minutes about the Monmouth game.

First, I liked the anger the kids showed after it was over. It wasn't "we tried hard and on this day the better team won," or some other cliche. The Blue Devils were ticked off, as though they felt they weren't supposed to lose to anyone. And it wasn't a whiny, spoiled, John Lackey style "I deserve better" mentality. It was a "dang it we're good, we should have played better," type of anger. That's the kind that can motivate. We'll see if it inspires CCSU the rest of the year. Gunnar Jespersen's postgame comments weren't exactly Tim Tebow's speech, but he seems like the type that can fire up a team.

The offense was spotty, as it has been all year. When needed, it launched a bit of a comeback, and yes Central would have likely ended up with a chance to tie had Brian Fowler not cramped up (though I'm not as optimistic about their chances as coach Jeff McInerney was after the game). But whether it's spotty O-line play or Jespersen moving around too much, Central always seems one play away from having its quarterback injured, which is a scary way to operate. It would be more forgivable if it were scoring points, but that hasn't come consistently enough, either. You can't ask this offense to come through every week.
I remain pleasantly surprised by the receivers and optimistic that the running game can be sorted out. But if Central doesn't keep Jespersen on his feet, none of that matters.

I'm torn on the defense. I want to rip it for the first half, in which it fell behind 17-0. Monmouth had 20 plays in the first quarter for Pete's sake. But this is the same group that kept the game close after that. BUT it's the same group which couldn't hold the fort long enough when Central was rallying. All in all a mixed bag, though McInerney is right, Central has to get something resembling a pass rush of its own soon.

What did you think?  

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