Checking in from the Spiro Center for CCSU basketball

Up and running. I'm at the foul line on the end CCSU is warming up on. The CCSU students are currently gathered behind that basket, a bus full strong from what I'm told. Kaizer and the CCSU band are in the building as well.

Been told that every ticket in this building is sold.

Press row is literally inches in front of the bleachers on what would be the near side if you were watching on TV, so if this court gets stormed I'm a dead man.

The Blue Devils seem to be in good spirits. Certainly no fear. They were singing and rapping along with the arena music.

The stands across from me are full 25 minutes before tip, great sign for the energy of the night. This should be fun.

One stat I left out of my preview: While CCSU is 0-6 in true road games in NEC tournament, the Devils are 6-2 in NEC playoff games in this building.

We shall see.

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