Fire the engines as we go Man-To-Man after CCSU basketball falls to Fairfield

Ok, forget the reasons/excuses about where I've been, let's get this blog fired up again.

Big thanks to Brad Carroll for the redesign, so now that it's hoops season again it's time to put it to use.

Let me start with some quick thoughts, now that I've seen the team a couple of times. I'll have more after this week hopefully, but here's some quick thoughts.

First, Central's defense was outstanding Saturday night. As Howie Dickenman said after the game, if the Blue Devils defend like that, they'll win a lot of games.

The new offense was what you'd expect: fluid at times and not so at others. Central, as promised, got into its running game whenever possible. Kyle Vinales is going to score a ton of points this year but he has to remember not to force things. There are other players who look they can take the burden off him, and he needs to remember that and not get too wild.

Let's take one last look at the opener before tonight's Game 2 with a game of man-to-man.

Adonis Burbage
Nobody leaves Adonis Burbage in a corner! Ok, bad movie reference, but the point is valid. He was left open in the corner and made Faifield pay with a bunch of threes. Also took one from the top at the start of a break. Not my favorite shot, but it shows a confidence he didn't have a year ago. He also had three steals and did his usual little things. He has a chance to be a real contributor. Think Shane Battier. (No, he's not that good, I'm just trying to give you a style comparison.)

Joe Efese
Less than a week after his return to the team after losing his sister, Efese was fantastic. As aggressive as I can remember him, Defensively he was very good, and if he can be near 10 and 10 that would be a huge boost for this team. Whatever he does from this point out, that inspired effort was great to watch. Also, three offensive rebounds.

Kyle Vinales
The sophomore is going to be a star, but he must make sure he doesn't overdo it. There's a difference between confidence and overaggressiveness. To be fair, there were only 4 or 5 shots out of his 23 which were bad ones, but that's the battle Vinales will have with himself all year. Getting to know him and watching him play last year, I don't think he's the kind of kid who just wants to shoot at the detriment of the team. He'll find a balance.

Malcolm McMillan
A steadying force who MUST stay out of foul trouble. He's too valuable to the team. That strikes me as his only big flaw right now, especially since his offense seems to have improved. If he can just score enough to keep the defense honest, it's a game-changer.

Matt Hunter
Something clicked for him with about 10 minutes left, and he emerged as the second option. he's a great athlete who will be a big part of the running game. His baseline drives will be a trademark if the Fairfield game is any indication, but he has to read when to drive and when to understand there are too many people in the way. That will come, too. His defense was very good as well, and he got in the rebounding battle. If he makes his shots, he could be a big player.

Khalen Cumberlander
Made two free throws late, a big deal for a freshman. Not enough of a sample size for a great read, but he showed poise and speed.

Terrell Allen
I wanted to see more of him since I think his energy can help inside, but Hunter kind of ate into his minutes a bit, as did the last man on the list.

Brandon Peel
Seven strong minutes in which he showed flashes of David Simmons.

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