Dayton wrap up

Ah, the breaks of basketball. Central has played poorly and won a time or two already this year and tonight plays great against a big name opponent and can't get the W.
So on a night where Central fails to cash in its "get out of the play-in game free" card and I didn't get to meet Triple H, let's, well, as "the Game" would say, break it down.
The cynic will say this was another game in which Central blew a lead and let it a big win slip away, and he or she would be right. To play at Dayton without a starter (Joe Efese) and a rotation guy Vince Rosario, who missed the game with a hip injury) and still have a chance to win is an opportunity you can't miss out on.
The optimist, however, would say "Central was up much of the night at Dayton without Joe Efese or Vince Rosario," and he or she would also be right. That's the fun of sports, you can argue both sides of things and usually be right.
Especially someone like me, who frequently argues with himself about both sides of an issue. If you're a Blue Devil on that plane right now, I think you're crushed you let it get away. But you got some confidence back after the loss to FDU. I think, IF Central can couple tonight's effort with a win at Albany, they will have some major confidence heading into the homestand.
With all that said, let's play a little man-to-man. By the way, to those who ask, I usually just go in order of how the kids are listed on the box score I have in front of me as I do this.

Markeys Deans: Certainly a worthy player to start with. Yeah, he missed the last shot, but his performance was the main reason Central was in the game. 10-for-14, 2-of-3 from deep 8 boards and only one turnover in 32 minutes. Fantastic night.

Ken Horton: He did most of his damage early, which is good and bad. It's bad that he wasn't able to keep his great start going, but also good that his start helped Central get an early lead and confidence. No turnovers, but two missed freebies take points off his grade. Didn't shoot the ball great, but was also deferring a bit to Markeys.

Shemik Thompson: If his steal had led to Robby Ptacek's pass getting to him for a tying layup, it would have been the play of the year. He's struggling with his shot and I've come to accept that his TO total will be higher than you'd like this year because he has the ball so much, but he also had 6 assists and five boards. he'll start making shots eventually. When he does, Central could be on to something.

De'Angelo Speech: His failed box out a few moments before was more than made up for by his great pass to Deans for the would-be game-winner. He's doing a little bit of everything while learning on the fly. No complaints here, despite freshman mistakes.

Robby Ptacek: A phenomenal effort, bad toe and all. No rebounds, but his drives played a key part in Central's comeback late. He's tough as nails and can make an outside shot. That becomes even more of a pressing need if Rosario is out for a while.

Devan Bailey: Five assists and no turnovers in 22 minutes. If he does that, I don't care if he ever takes another shot.

Chris Baskerville: If he gets fully healthy it will be a big boost to the frontcourt, especially without Joe. He didn't do much, but he seems to be getting closer.

Terrell Allen: Filled in admirably on a tough stage. Nothing special, but not much negative about his 21 minutes, which is what you want from a freshman.

Nice to see the rotation growing, even if it is out of need for the moment. We'll figure out what the 10-man team is once everyone is back.

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