Sparking the debate

We'll have lots on the UMass game coming up, but I wanted you to tell you now to take a minute Saturday and read the piece I've written about the end of "The Streak."
I know there's a segment of CCSU fans who get riled up whenever the "Evil Empire" is mentioned, but if you can't appreciate what they did, read my piece and give me a chance to change your mind.
Now, as a late Christmas present, I will give you all a statement to debate. I'm sure I'll see it on the messageboards, but I'd love to get your comments here or at my email at
While UConn's women would lose to every men's DI team, Maya Moore herself could absolutely play in the NEC.
With that, I want to wish you all a very happy new year and beg you all to be careful tonight, especially the CCSU students who might read this. Please, please, please don't drink and drive. If you've had too many, call a cab, catch a ride, or crash wherever you are for the night. There's no shame in any of those. There's lots of shame in what could happen if you don't do any of the above.
I'll talk to you all in 2011. It's starting to look like we'll have much to discuss, perhaps into March.

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