Scouting report

I was trading scouting reports with my new friend Matt who does a blog about UA hoops, and I thought I'd give you his take on the Danes heading into the game Sat. night.
We'll have everything we usually do late at night tommorow, I have to make the paper and write up the CCSU thing.
Anyway, here's Matt's take on UA:
"Logan Aronhalt has been the story of the year, absolutely lighting a few team up when his stroke is falling. We haven't won a game yet when he hasn't gone on extended run where's he's draining from three. The key though is Mike Black, our quick point guard who has been working his way back from injury- we have NO depth at the pg position so we were helpless without him. He's still rusty, but he's almost 100% healthy, and should be able to push the ball. Tim Ambrose has been the whipping boy of the team the last couple year while forcing a lot of shots- but he had no help. This year, with Logan and Black stepping up, Ambrose has played his best ball ever, controlled, efficient, and still able to bully his way to the rim. The front court is youth, youth, youth. Two freshman start, Devlin and Puk, and sophomore Metcalf comes off the bench. None have proven a real threat to score. Devlin has potential to get hot from three, but we've only seen it once. Puk is athletic, but still raw, and Metcalf is a solid rebounder with a handful of post moves."

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