Since the game's on 1410 you don't need me to give you PBP, so I thought I'd just give some thoughts.

First, obviously, that was a key score at the end of the half there. Great momentum boost and a nice long drive to kind of assert their will a bit by the Blue Devils.

Second, really important for CCSU to get its identity back. Something like 31 rushes for 140 yards in the first half is a great sign. Gunnar Jespersen being 6-for-8 in the half shows how efficient he can be as well as how a strong running game can help free up the passing. I know it's windy which helps make the need to run go up, but I think CCSU got away from what made it so good the last few years.

2a: Really nice to see Brian Fowler back.

3. I don't know how you teach ball security, I'm not a football coach. But this rash of fumbles is shocking. It hasn't hurt CCSU yet today. Yet.
But even if it doesn't, it HAS to stop.

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