This week is easy.
Here's CCSU's possession chart from the fourth quarter
14:38: Fumble
11:44: Fumble
6:22: Botched quick kick caused by a bobble/fumble.
4:09: Fumble
1:42 Interception.

Your offensive grade is above. I don't care what it did early, that fourth quarter was an abomination.
The defense? I can't give it enough credit for keeping Central in the game through a slow third quarter and a disasterous fourth. Yes, it gave up 23 points in the fourth and 37 in the last three quarters, but how many second half stands was it supposed to make?

Special teams: Kick coverage was poor as well, giving SHU too many short fields.

This whole game was a test to see how long a defense could hang on, and this time it couldn't.

I hate to say it about a group of nice young kids, but it's hard to look at it any other way: You don't deserve to win when you do stuff like that.

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