This one's easy. I predict CCSU will win every game the rest of the year in which Ken Horton scores 39 points.

With that said, a quick man-to-man.

Ken Horton: Oh, I forgot the six steals.
Terrell Allen: Howie Dickenman said he wasn't happy with any of his centers, but TO was active at least.
Kyle Vinales: 11 assists, has proven willing to let others do the shooting. He's going to be a good one.
Malcolm McMillan: Just doesn't do anything wrong.
Robby Ptacek: 17 and 5 usually works.
Adonis Burbage: Nothing personal, but fans in the building were upset to see him come in, since he denied them the chance to see Horton get 40.
Shelton Mickell: Will make a big play before the season is over I predict.
De'Angelo speech: The game was too tightly called for his defense to be a factor. That's not a knock at the refs, just the way it was.
Mark LaPorte: Had he scored, they'd be looking for the roof of Detrick Gym.
Joe Efese: I thought he played pretty well myself. Too many fouls, yes, but lots of good things.
David Simmons: The "other" senior, Simmons will get his due Saturday.

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