CCSU men vs. Quinnipiac wrap up

44 points. Central scored 44 points.
As bad as the offense was, the inability to get stops was most troubling. Every time Central cut into the lead and made it a game (it's hard to imagine that this was a 7-point game in the second half), the Bobcats went on a big run to pull away again.
I wish I could tell you I knew the problem. If I could, I'd be a hell of a basketball coach. The team just seems beat down right now. Perhaps that commenter below is right: CCSU just needs a win to get a little positive energy going. Right now, there's nothing positive.

Quick man-to-man

David Simmons: If he doesn't rebound, he doesn't bring much. Grit only goes so far.

Ken Horton: He's the best player in the league, but Central needs him to play like it.

Kyle Vinales: If he limits turnovers, I can forgive a bad shooting night. But the A/T ratio has to be higher.

Malcolm McMillan: His fatigue level is the biggest symptom of De'Angelo Speech's injury.

Robby Ptacek: Earlier in the year I said he disappears too much. He has shown up lately. He just needs some help.

Adonis Burbage: He was active. No one shot well tonight.

Shelton Mickell: Only 1 turnover.

De'Angelo Speech: Perhaps we'll never know what this team would have been had he been healthy for all of it.

Mark LaPorte: Him hitting a shot would have been some solace.

Joe Efese: Literally all zeros in nine minutes. Staggering.

Terrell Allen: Nice to see him back in the rotation a bit.


  1. Things feel like they are getting ugly in the program Matt. Can you offer any incite? A sinking ship, fights, players that go hot and cold, talent throught the roof, but not getting anything done. What is the locker room thinking? What are Howies thoughts? The fanbase went from NEC title, to NEC home game, to might not even make the NEC tourney?!?!?!


  2. Mike, thanks for the comment. First off, as usual, I think the truth is somewhere in the middle. This year has been incredibly dissapointing, there's no question about that. But I also wouldn't say the program is sinking. It was, remember, a play or two in Brooklyn from playing in the NEC championship game 11 months ago. So let's not get crazy.
    As for Howie's thoughts, he'd be the first to tell you he hasn't pushed all the right buttons this year. I know this because he has said it.
    That said, at some point it has to fall on the players. Ken Horton was 3-for-18 today. Dean Smith couldn't fix that. Robby Ptacek can be inconsistent, as is Joe Efese.
    Now you can go back to the button pushing, but, for example, Robby doesn't need to be told to get to the line more. As of last week he was the best free throw shooter in the country. A team should never have to be told to play hard. To me, those are the disappointing games. Central has too often given off a luckluster attitude.
    Now, here's the thing about all that. You have to assume that Central is going to be motivated down the stretch, especially in the tournament. Since we agree the team is very talented, that makes the Blue Devils very dangerous.
    As for what the fans are thinking, I can't say. I will say this: I've long said that more students need to come, and CCSU has to do a better job of giving them a section just for them to cheer from. Quinnipiac's students today were much better organized than Central's.
    Did I answer your question? If not, don't be shy, say so and I'll try again.