SFPA Wrapup

Sorry for the delay, had some medical stuff to take care the last couple of days.
Big one tonight, preview is up. Long story short Central has played well in PA over the last couple of years, and if it can play defense it can win again tonight.
But first, let's review an ugly win in which Central got going late, then almost let it get away by playing man to man.

David Simmons: If he takes his shots, he can score well.
Terrell Allen: Part of a trio that can be a good big man for Central.
Kyle Vinales: Struggled with his shooting, but had a couple of steals to make up for the TOs and balance everything else out.
Malcolm McMillan: Played well when he could be out there.
Robby Ptacek: Might have saved the season with his effort. Ya, he had a ton of turnovers, but so does Jeremy Lin and no one seems to mind.
Adonis Burbage: Not much to see here.
Shelton Mickell: Ate up some minutes at least.
De'Angelo Speech: A brilliant defensive game. Great energy.
Joe Efese: If he'd have made some free throws, he'd have had a great night.
Ken Horton: What a gutty effort. He was more banged up than I had thought,but he found a way to contribute. I wouldn't be shocked if he got tonight off, but we'll see.

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