Go ahead and try and get that song out of your head now.
Thought I'd do my final look at the game before I head over to Detrick by doing a quick mail hit.
Dan Dinunzio wanted to know what Central's chances were in the tourney upcoming.
He says:
" It's goingto be a tough road after the way Central finished the season. ...
I mean it is truly remarkable how much [Ken Horton's] game has been elevated
to another level. I wish his teammates could follow. I thought
after the UMass game that CCSU was a lock to finish 1st or 2nd. Now they
are in 4th and have an uphill battle. I must say I think Howie will get
the team focused to play. There's no doubt this team has the talent to go
dancing, and I really want to see Shemik and Ptacek get back to form.
Still, the way the frontcourt plays in the post and rebounds might be the
difference. I want another rematch with Quinnipiac. It's going to be a
fun 10 days that's a guarantee."

Hard to disagree with anything he says. I think Central's "other guys" are going to
step up tonight. They looked much improved the other night, and I think tonight
you'll see more of the team game you've come to expect from Central.
To me, the key to the run is the bigs. If Central can get enough out of Joe Efse and Chris Baskerville, it will take heat off of the wings and let them get going. Which is what I believe will happen tonight. Let's take Sunday after we know what happens tonight.
But I think Baskerville has a double-double, Ptacek gets hot, Ken Horton is Ken Horton, and CCSU wins by 8.

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