Preview is up. Not sure when I'll be able to check in, but will at some point. And at night we'll have the full rundown, man-to-man and more.

My brief thoughts: Stop the guards. Ken Horton and (I think anyway) Chris Baskerville are going to play well up front. We'll see if Joe Efese can play well again, too. So the front court I don't think will be an issue, I think they'll fix some of the rebounding issues.

This game comes down to 2 things.
1) Can CCSU stop LIU's guards? If so, Central might get it done. If not, its only chance will be to score with the Birds, which won't be easy. For Central to win, either Devan Bailey has a strong defensive game, Robby Ptacek or Shemik Thompson shoots well, or Horton does something silly and goes for like 35 and 15.
2) Can the Devils stay strong mentally? LIU will make runs. CCSU has to prevent one early (10-2 LIU at the first break is a very bad sign) and withstand the couple that will inevitably come even if Central is playing great.

IF there were to be good news for the Devils Sunday, I'll talk to Brad about maybe doing a chat Tuesday, since the women would play that night and it would be the day before the game. Or maybe Wed. depending on where the final might be. Or maybe I'll just tell you all to send me questions and we'll post them here. We'll figure something out.

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