First off, check out the SPO episode I posted to the side here (going to work on making it a better size) which features an interview with Ken Horton. We're going to do more with him next week.

Also, thanks to Victor E. for helping us out. That was the most fun we've had doing an opening, at least for me. He was great.

On to more serious matters. I picked up on something transcribing quotes for the preview to come. Central WANTS this game at LIU. Shemik Thompson's talk after the game was more than the usual cliches. Make no mistake, he was not being disrespectful, and he certainly wasn't guaranteeing victory. But he and his teammates clearly were pleased, at least in a way, that the bracket didn't open up for them. They want to beat the best. Winning at LIU and at Quinnipiac (or RMU for that matter) would certainly qualify as doing so.

More to come tommorow, including thoughts on the women's game, which starts at 3 p.m. and can be seen online on the NEC's web site. I assume CCSU's site will have a link as well.

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