Mail time!

First off, remember the women play tonight at SFPA. Honestly I'll be quite surprised if they can pull the upset, but we'll see.

Now, onto some mail.

Was asked if I thought the Blue Devil men had a shot to make one of those "lesser tournaments."
In short, I don't think so. One, they've lost 5 of their last 7, regardless of how well they played Sunday.

Second, Quinny and RMU would both go ahead of them for a host of reasons. Third, so would a lot of teams from bigger leagues. But I'll keep you posted if I hear anything that indicates anything different.

Finally for now, I was asked to relay that story Howie Dickenman told, which I thought I'd done before, since he's told it many times.

Central had just been drubbed at home, and Howie was livid. He didn't think his team was playing with enough heart and intensity. He wanted to sign a recruit who would play with heart. He demanded a name. One of his assistants told him Shemik Thompson fit that bill. He called Thompson, told him his assistants loved him and assured Dickenman that he'd play hard. He offered Thompson a scholarship right there on the phone. Shemik asked for a minute, then came back to the phone and said yes right then.

Sometimes impulse pays off.

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  1. Thanks Matt, that's what I figued. Any post-season tourney for CCSU is a real longshot for the reasons you cited.

    But I'm reading that many of the "major programs" are declining invites to the 2 "lesser" tourneys (CBI and CIT), so I'm still hoping that CCSU gets a call.